Dublin Hammers Activities - Season 2018 - 2019

A Slight Change...

Previously on this site we have had a report from all of our meetings, however since the installation of the Satellite TV system in Brannigans we are meeting every week, so writing a report every week doesn't make sense anymore. So this page is an overview of club activities throughout the season, meetings, photos from members daytrips etc.

Dublin Hammers Trip - Southampton (h) - Saturday 4th May 2019

West Ham Utd 3 vs Southampton 0.

Report and photos from the last trip of the season

Dublin Hammers - Home & Away Photos from March and April 2019

Top left: Gerry hits 60 with a surprise party!
Top Right: Liam & Ian from Hornchurch enjoying the win over Spurs in Teneriffe!
Bottom left: Manchester Utd away... sadly some members have Manchester Utd supporting children?
Bottom Right: Branighans - West Ham v Newcasle Utd.

bournemouth trip 2018 bournemouth trip 2018
bournemouth trip 2018 bournemouth trip 2018

Dublin Hammers - Newcastle Utd Day Trip - Saturday 2nd March 2019

West Ham Utd 2 vs Newcastle Utd 0 - The Billy Bonds Stand is opened by the great man himself!

newcastle trip 2018 newcastle trip 2018
newcastle trip 2018 newcastle trip 2018

Dublin Hammers - Fulham Day Trip - Friday 22nd February 2019

West Ham Utd 3 vs Fulham 1.

fulham trip 2018 fulham trip 2018

Dublin Hammers Meeting - Brighton Hove Albion (h) - Wednesday 2nd January 2019

West Ham Utd 2 vs Brighton Hove Albion 2.

It’s no wonder I’m on blood pressure tablets... it’s all West Ham’s fault! A midweek fixture against another mid table team on the Arab Sports channel brought out a few of the usual suspects and a few visitors... but no Gary!

Anyway, as I was seated alone at the “Coaches Table” I was unable to discuss the finer details of our awful performance and instead shouted at the TV – we were awful. When I saw that donkey, Andy Carroll in the tunnel, I understood why there were so many additional Order of Malta crew in attendance and sure enough after 20 minutes he’s bleeding – an elbow (not from him for a change) cut above his eye. I would have thought that his face would be immune to cuts like this after so many nightclub incidents.

Brighton had a plan which was to rough us up and close down the spaces quickly which to their credit they did very well throughout the game. Because of this our passing was slow and poor with too many dreadful crossfield balls and poor passbacks to the keeper which ended up with us booting it long for Duffy and Dunk to head back at us. We were bullied in midfield and instead of fighting back we just moaned at the referee about the injustices of physical football.

I was delighted to get to half time at 0-0 and hoped that Pelligrini would see what we all saw from upstairs in Brannigans. The second half saw Carroll replaced by Lucas (I would have brought on Noble instead) and as he is afraid of the physicality in the game he was as useful as tits on a bull!

Brighton score from two corners in quick succession – the first a strike from the D on the edge of the area following a poor clearance (schoolboy football mistake – always have one of your players on the D) and the second from Duffy at the back post (where he was for every corner in the game).

Shortly afterwards we rang the changes as the whinging Snodgrass and Obiang were replaced by Noble and Antonio. They instantly upped the tempo for us and before long a lovely ball into Arnautovic saw us pull a goal back. A few minutes later and Antonio played a ball into the area and again Arnautovic was there to score – so 2 all and game on. We pressed and pressed to get a winner but were unable to break down a very tight Brighton backline.

In the end we were happy to settle for a point but much as I agree with Pelegrini’s vision of the way we should play, you have to battle it out with the physical teams. I feel sorry for Pelegrini in a way, as he is bound to get an abusive call from Mrs Nasri this morning after little Sami didn’t get to play!

Anyway despite my blood pressure problems I enjoyed the few pints and the great laughs downstairs after the game. Hope the heads aren’t too sore today Brighton Hammers!

Report by Gerry Murtagh

Dublin Hammers Christmas Party 2018 - Saturday 15th December 2018

Report and photos from the Christmas Party.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - Newcastle Utd (a) - Saturday 1st December 2018

Newcastle Utd 0 vs West Ham Utd 3.

The start of the festive period and an away fixture at a ground where we normally get stuffed! With some clutching bags after a bit of christmas shopping a good turn out of members gathered, the general feeling being we were to lose or a best draw... oh how wrong we all were!

As members headed up and down to the bar, a lady who happened to be sitting with a group of friends spotted the club shirts... "I recongise those" she said and introduced herself as "the lady who sewed the club badges onto the shirts" over from Northampton on a jolly for the weekend! It's a small world!

While on the subject of bizarre happenings... back to the match! West Ham were starting with 2 up front. Newcastle started strongly, West Ham slowly, but in Diop and 'The General' we held on and started to impose ourselves on the game. Several times, when in a good position, misplaced passes caused a general moan from members, but the hammers kept going and then Snodgrass broke down the right and swung in a peach of a cross and Hernandez vollied into the back of the net!

Half time sandwiches were devoured and the second half began. With Newcastle pressing for an equaliser we hit them on the break several times, Arnies touch wasn't the greatest today but mid way through the second half his flick on put the ball through to Henandez, who finished in style with a low drive!

Two nil up and a few drinks on board the meeting was now in full flow, plenty of wise cracks and laughter and a theme of "it's not a day for..." after the commentator had strangely said it "wasn't day for goal keepers to catch the ball"? As Voldemort came on, Arnie was replaced by Obiang and we tried to shut up shop.

They kept at us, but then in the dying moments we broke again, Anderson this time, rolling a challenge before finishing... sending the meeting into a joyous sing song! Great afternoon, great company and we reconvene again on Tuesday night!

The lady who sewed the badges!

Dublin Hammers Trip - Tottenham (h) - Saturday 20th October 2018

West Ham Utd 0 vs Tottenham 1.

Report and photos from the first trip of the season

Dublin Hammers - Manchester Utd Day Trip - Saturday 29th September 2018

West Ham Utd 3 vs Manchester Utd 1.

manchester utd trip 2018 manchester utd trip 2018

Dublin Hammers - Chelsea Day Trip - Sunday 23rd September 2018

West Ham Utd 0 vs Chelsea 0.

chelsea trip 2018 chelsea trip 2018
chelsea trip 2018 chelsea trip 2018

Dublin Hammers - Wolves Day Trip - Saturday 1st September 2018

West Ham Utd 0 vs Wolves 1.

wolves trip 2018 wolves trip 2018
wolves trip 2018 wolves trip 2018

Dublin Hammers - Bournemouth Day Trip - Saturday 18th August 2018

West Ham Utd 1 vs Bournemouth 2.

bournemouth trip 2018 bournemouth trip 2018
bournemouth trip 2018 bournemouth trip 2018

Dublin Hammers Meeting - Liverpool (a) - Sunday 12th August 2018

Liverpool 4 vs West Ham Utd 0.

Brannighans was packed to the rafters for our first meeting of the new season, whether this was due to West Ham's summer spending spree or the promise of a free club shirt I'm not sure, but packed it was.

Having won just once at Anfield once since 1966, the chances of getting anything from the game were slim, but with some of our new signings on show and drinks in hand we hopefully watched on as the game kicked off. It soon became obvious that our fortunes were not going to change as the 'mickey mousers' launched wave upon wave of attacks and scoring two goals in each half!

Apart from a few all too brief forays into their half it really was a one sided game. If anything, I thought the ref had a poor game after allowing one goal that was clearly off-side and another that he decided that... a Liverpool player standing 2 feet in front of our keeper... wasn't interfering with play? But to be honest the final scoreline wasn't a surprise.

Games against the top 4 or 5 teams in the league are not going to define our season, our season realistically begins next week against Bournmouth. Good to see everyone again and to the new faces you are all welcome.




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