Dublin Hammers Gallery - FA Cup 1980 - 5th Round

West Ham United vs Swansea City - Saturday 16th February 1980

Final Score: 2-0 (Half-time 0-0).
Scorers: West Ham Utd; Allen (84), Cross (85).
Venue: Upton Park.
Attendance: 30,497.


West Ham United: Parkes, Stewart, Lampard (c), Brush, Martin, Devonshire, Cross, Pearson (Sub; Allen, 46), Pike,
Brooking, Neighbour.
Swansea City: Letheran, Robinson, Rushbury, Philips, Stevenson, Giles, Craig, James, Charles (c), Toshack, Callaghan.

What the programme said...


It would be uncharitable if we did not commiserate to some extent with Swansea City, who held out until six minutes from time in last Saturday's FA Cup tie.

The Swans had battled gallantly for a replay, but a couple of goals in the space of some 30 seconds made the remaining exchanges a formality. It had been very much a tactical exercise until we made the late breakthrough, as the visitors were using a formation that blanketed the space in and around their penalty-area. In turn, this imposed limitations on their attacking propensities, but made it necessary for us to ensure that their occasional breakaways did not catch us napping.

In that respect our back four did a very good job, and laid a solid foundation upon which to build up the plays that eventually met with the necessary successes. We had gone near to scoring earlier on, but a couple of fine saves and the frittering of an opportunity here and there kept the welsh side in with a chance, and they were evidently looking forward to playing us again at Vetch Field last tuesday.

It was a belief shared by many as the minutes ticked away; indeed there was always the possibility that the Swans might avoid a replay by "nicking" a decider. Their frustration was understandable, and manager John Toshack minced no words when he blamed experienced defenders for eventually conceding the first goal by retreating instead of going forward to stifle David Cross before he could make the shot that led to us going ahead.

Paul Allen was very alert to slip the rebound past a disarranged defence, and although Cross scored a very good goal within a minute to completely settle the issue it was something of an anti-climax as far as the Swans were concerned.

So there we were, into the Quarter-Final for the first time sice 1975; prior to that we last reached the sixth round when we previously won the FA Cup in 1964 - it could be a happy omen!

david cross - 1980 - whufc david cross - 1980 - whufc
Paul Allen David Cross

Other Scores from the 5th Round

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Tottenham 3 vs Birmingham City 1
Bolton 0 vs Arsenal 3
Liverpool 2 vs Bury 0
Blackburn Rovers 0 vs Aston Villa 1
Everton 5 vs Wrexham 2
Ipswich Town 2 vs Chester 1

Personal Memories...

For me, the birth of the West Side! Cup Fever sets in! I can remember standing on the old North Bank for this game, the second goal had recently been scored and Upton Park was partying! In those days singing came almost exclusively from the North & South Banks, but that day the West Side (south bank end) did the hardest partying!

I remember watching as one half of the West Side bounced up and down singing Knees Up Mother Brown! I can still see it in my head after all these years. It really set the tone for the times ahead and we sang and sang! Over the next few seasons I stood on the West Side and those times were some of the happiest I've had watching West Ham United! "Twist and Shout"?

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