Dublin Hammers Gallery - FA Cup 1980 - 6th Round

West Ham United vs Aston Villa - 6th Round - Saturday 8th March 1980

Final Score: 1-0 (Half-time 0-0).
Scorers: West Ham Utd; Stewart (89 pen).
Venue: Upton Park.
Attendance: 36,393.


West Ham United: Parkes, Lampard (c), Brush, Stewart, Martin, Devonshire, Allen, Pearson, Cross, Brooking, Pike
Aston Villa: Rimmer, Linton, Gibson, Ormsby, McNaught, Mortimer (c), Bremmer, Little, Donovan, Cowans, Bullivant.

What the programme said...



A penalty conversion in the closing minute at Upton Park gave Aston Villa no time in which to seek an equaliser that would have earned them a replay.

Had they succeeded in doing so it would have been an injustice, as only the most fanatical of Villa supporters would venture to disagree with neutral observers in their unbiased judgment that the Hammers merited victory. That opinion of ours being the better XI on the day was freely given by the representatives of the Midlands media, and we can have no qualms in venturing the view that it was a fine team performance that put the Hammers into the draw.

We went to press with this issue well before the names came out of the hat; the alternatives of an "all London derby" (against Arsenal) or a "London vs Liverpool" (Everton or Liverpool) inter-city duel will have been decided by the time these notes are read, but whatever name is linked with ours it must be a fasinating Semi-Final.

ray stewart
Ray Stewart converts the penalty!

Other Scores from the 6th Round

Watford 1 vs Arsenal 2
Tottenham 0 vs Liverpool 1
Everton 2 vs Ipswich Town 0

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Personal Memories

I could'nt get a ticket for this game, and spent the afternoon pacing, but then on the "World of Sport" Results on LWT, they went over to Upton Park for the summery... "And West Ham United are in the Semi-final after Ray Stewart had coverted a late penalty!"... I did'nt hear the summery after that, I was listening to the singing/party going on in the background and wishing I was there!

In those days the F.A. Cup draw was held at lunchtime on the Monday after the F.A. Cup games. I waited by the radio... I did'nt fancy Arsenal or Liverpool, I thought our best chance to make it into the final would be to draw Everton... If I remember correctly, Arsenal was the first name out of the hat... vs... remember the clicking of balls over the radio?.... No.3, thats Liverpool... OH YES! Well happy with that.

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