Dublin Hammers Trip - Watford - Saturday 1st May 2004

West Ham 4 vs Watford 0.


Once again an early start to proceedings checking in at 5:30 am. All on time and all looking forward to a good weekend. Talk of play-offs and Cardiff was the order of the day, even before a ball was kicked. Once again Jurys proved to be a popular choice (except for the presence of GOONERS wallowing in their recent success.

Off to Upton Park, Queens and Spotted Dog were visited before Kick off. Once again the atmosphere was special, just like the good old days, you could sense that it was going to be a good day. Ladbrokes took plenty of money from us with 6-0, 4-2 and 3-0 the popular bets (only Gary got it right, but then again I think he had every score from 1-0 to 1 -0 backed.

Half time refreshments and loads of banter beneath the stands. The secretary was at his flatulent best and nearly cleared the stand in the second half. (The Egg Panini got the blame!) Dublin Hammers most vocal support came from Eddie Cox who was giving a great impression of the statue of Jim Larkin in O'Connell St. throughout the game. He never sat down and provided great entertainment for the travelling junior hammers.

4-0 and all leave the ground happy. Straight to The White Hart for what was in many peoples opinion the best Knees Up ever. The locals were gobsmacked to see 20 grown men dancing and singing as if we had won a Champions League final (well we can all dream).

The Dublin Hammers flag got a great reception and was subsequently used as a skipping rope, Arabic head gear and a shawl. The music was as usual superb with the Dublin Hammers giving it loads to the Rolling Stones, Madness, The Specials and Joe Jackson. What an evening.

Back to Jurys and a few casualties had to retire to bed (not bad considering we were on the go from 4:30 am. The few left sauntered down Islington and returned to Jurys for the sing song and nite cap, eventually getting to sleep at 3:00am.


Full breakfast compliment of Jurys and off on our merry way. White Horse, Axe and Sports bar all visited. The flowery shirt mob were lookin good. A good day out and by the time we got to the airport the atmosphere was back to where it was at on Saturday at 5pm.

Dessie sorted out the spot the balls, the duty free was visited and we were all on our way. Cardiff is on the cards and all we need is tickets, you can be assured that if we get there The Dublin Hammers will once again be there and giving it there all.

Thanks to Brian for taking the time and trouble to get this report in.