Dublin Hammers - Social Night 2012

The Christmas Party - 8th December 2012

Another year, another great night at the Dublin Hammers Christmas party! All the usual suspects assembled upstairs in Brannigans for the festivities, they were joined by their better halves (looking stunning as ever) along with friends and relatives who have come along, yet again for a fun filled evening.

The president’s entry was greeted by the national anthem and he rose to the occasion to declare the party started. As ever he brought the customary umbrella for a spot prize as well as the signed and framed Legends Poster.

dublin hammers christmas party 2012 dublin hammers christmas party 2012

The first raffle of the night was for the Free Trip Draw for members in attendance and as Liam acted as MC for the raffles he asked Techie Paul to draw the winning ticket. Naturally enough there were several offers of bribes, bungs etc. slung in his direction as he made his way up to draw the all important ticket... and the winner this year is... Liam McDonagh who for once managed to raise a smile and say nice things!!!

Next up was the raffle for the spot prizes, Liam told us it had to be done quickly as the food was ready to be served. Numbers were drawn, screams went up (including for the wrong coloured tickets!!!) and prizes were grabbed. Congrats to Pat McNamara on the Legends poster, Craig McDonagh and Brendan Shiels on the sketches done by our resident Picasso, Josh Holland, Brian Madden who was overjoyed at getting the umbrella, and whoever was brave enough to take the Glen Vodka and all others.

The food arrived, was wolfed and the empty baskets removed in the blink of an eye.

dublin hammers christmas party 2012 dublin hammers christmas party 2012

The karaoke started and the President (renamed Uachtarain na Hammers) was on hand to give us his version of “Human” with all the actions. He did thank Brian Madden for helping him get up off the floor several times. Karen Daly was up like a shot for her song and as soon as she got to the chorus her backing singers jumped up to lend a hand. We found that we now have 2 x Kevin Murphy’s, so Kevin No.2 gave a fantastic version of "Love on the Rocks" while the First Lady sang "Young Hearts" (as usual). Eddie Cox’s brother showed that he can sing, unlike Eddie. Our Dessie made “House of the Rising Sun” his own and Amara gave Josh a hint of what was to come later on with A Ha... "Touch Me"... way to go Josh!! Liam’s younger brother(?!!?) Craig sang “Angels”.

Then the dancing got serious as Madness boomed out and Liam rolled back the years (we were looking for the defib such was his eagerness). Tommy showed his Irish dancing skills, I did my Angus Young impersonation with Brian’s umbrella (we knew it would come in handy for something) and we all generally had a great night on the floor.

dublin hammers christmas party 2012 dublin hammers christmas party 2012 dublin hammers christmas party 2012

As the lights came on and the bar closed up it was time for the annual address from Uachtarain na Hammers, Fran. He spoke of Charlie Buchan’s Football Monthly and how when he opened the magazine the picture of West Ham had changed his life! He told us of his visit with the First Lady to meet Michael D as he was the longest serving president in the country and how Michael D had wanted to know his secret; his instigation of the S.N.A. campaign and how successful it had been (except in Liamo’s corner); his wish for the future of the Club, with him as President obviously and as ever he finished by wishing us all a Happy Christmas!

There followed a fair auld sing song of Hammers classics with Gary leading the way with the Ode to Frank Lampard. Soon it was time for home and off we trotted, happy to have attended at least one cracking party over the festive season!!

Many thanks to Gerry Murtagh for the report and Brian Madden for the photos.

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