Dublin Hammers - Social Night 2010

The Christmas Party - 11th December 2010

As ever the Christmas Party was a huge success. By the time I arrived nearly all the tables were filled, so I ended up in the corner beside the DJs speaker!

The food arrived shortly afterwards and was consumed within minutes. Meanwhile both Eddie Cox’s were selling raffle tickets and they were quickly snapped up when we saw the array of prizes including two umbrellas!!! After the grub, Liamo took to the floor to do the important draw – the Christmas Free Trip draw. Lots of banter about how my name wasn’t in it etc., and it set me wondering when we spotted that there was a hole in the bag and a number of names fell out! Anyway, the draw was made and hearty congratulations go to Gerry O’Keeffe this year’s winner.

social10_b social10_g

Onto the raffle... and the numbers came thick and fast. Jim Conway won an all-in-one that is sure to keep Emer and himself warm this winter, I took the much sought after New Ireland umbrella and am hoping that the weather dis-improves so I can use it. Gerry Nolan’s wife won a prize, but Gerry was sent to collect it on her behalf (after 15 years we finally met her!).

Feeling sorry for them, I also selected the “Forever Blowing Bubbles” bubble bath and candles (who buys these things when they’re on a trip with the lads!!!). With the raffle over and Liamo’s wishes for a Happy Christmas, the karaoke started.

social10_c social10_d social10_e

Naturally enough Marie (only one song) was up along with Fran the Killer, Brian “Sinatra”, Timmy (still hurting over Fat Frank) along with loads of others and when the disco started the floor was already full. It remained that way until the last song as we gave a rousing chorus of 'Bubbles' followed by other well known ditties. As ever to end the night it was time for the Presidential address and as ever Fran didn’t disappoint!

social10_a social10_f

Starting off with Seasons Blessings for all and their families, he spoke at length about the dark times we find ourselves in. He reminded us that we celebrate 20 years of the Dublin Hammers in 2011 and despite the best efforts of the team there will be great celebrations. He reminded us all that last year he quoted Barrack Obama with “Yes We Can” and this year he quoted another great leader... Brian Cowen “Going Forward... We’re F**ked”!!!!

All in all, another terrific night. If only the football matched the Dublin Hammers enthusiasm, we’d be top of the table!

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Many thanks to Gerry Murtagh for the report and Brian Madden for the photos!