Dublin Hammers - Social Night 2009

The Christmas Party - 12th December 2009

As ever the Dublin Hammers Christmas Party brought out the best in everyone.

It started off slow but once the food arrived, was consumed and we settled into our after dinner drink – Raki courtesy of Gerry O’Keeffe, none other than Club secretary, Liam McDonagh got up to say a few words to those assembled and set out the programme for the night.  Liam thanked everyone for making the effort to be there, especially the Ringsend Ladies who showed up for a third year running. He did offer them membership but for some reason they declined – apparently all they want is the men and the dancing. He decided to get straight into the raffle for the large array of spot prizes including a West Ham jacket (only worn once through Stanstead).  Despite the usual comments about Gerry Murtagh being lucky I failed to win anything – Dessie, did my tickets even go into the draw!! Dessie was the lucky winner of the jacket (we hope he grows into it shortly), the Holland family cleaned up, while one of the Ringsend Ladies was lucky enough to win the Umbrella (a prize that was left over from last year, or was that left behind!).

social09_a social09_b

The annual free trip draw was a tense affair as usual and when Kevin Murphy’s name was called out there was an enormous cheer... from Kevin and his wife mainly. Following all this Liam requested a better attendance at the games for the rest of the season from all the members despite our current displays and finally wished one and all a very happy Christmas.

Then the party started!!!!  The floor filled quickly as the sounds of the 70s and 80s reverberated around the room, and all the old classics were there – Abba, YMCA and “Rock the Boat” (which saw all and sundry down on the floor, the hardest part was getting back up!). We danced and drank into the night and when Bubbles was played the fans sang out at the top of their voices and sent the DJ home a happy man.

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With the music finished, it was a fitting time for our President, Fran Ryan to give his Christmas speech. After he gave a hilarious impression of Liamo on match days he turned his attention to the more serious issue of the Club and the disappointing season. Fran reminded us that we had all seen dark times but brighter days were ahead. He spoke of his own problems this year – his knee replacement which prompted a chorus of “Get your knees out for the lads”! He finished by wishing all good tidings and encouraging us to keep the chin up etc.

social09_g social09_f

As the night was still young (in all our minds) the sing song started. As ever Tommy “Cowboy” Noctor (who earlier had been totally surprised by the appearance of a birthday cake for him) stole the show with his array of Garth Brooks songs. He grabbed that microphone like a man possessed – even though it wasn’t plugged in. Billy, the bar’s resident Man Ure fan even made an appearance as Liam sang “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” to him. With no shortage of singers it turned into a long night and one that will live in all our memories... at least until next year’s party!

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Many thanks to Gerry Murtagh for taking the time to write this report and send in the photos!