Dublin Hammers - Rules and Regulations

Dublin Hammers Membership (compulsory)

There is an annual fee of €20.00 to join the Dublin Hammers Supporters Club. This membership fee is due as soon as the Club reconvenes at the first general meeting after the summer break.

All monies collected from Membership Fees will help in the running of the Club for the forthcoming season, and will give the elected Committee a strong base to enable them to organise events throughout the season.

U.K. Hammers Membership

All those Dublin Hammers members, who intend traveling to the UK for games or those who wish to take part in the draw for the end of season game, MUST also be a UK Hammers Club member. Participation in the draw will be open to UK Members only. Any person, who is not a UK Member, traveling as a guest of a member to a game (whether they are a Dublin Hammers member or not) will be subject to a €50.00 subsidy in addition to the overall package price.

Match tickets for traveling non-UK members are always subject to availability.

Official Club Trips

As stated previously, any Dublin Hammers Members who intend traveling to Official Supporters Club trips or otherwise, MUST also be a U.K. Member. UK Membership forms are available from the Committee. New memberships and membership renewals should be acquired during the summer break enabling our travel co-ordinator to seek names and deposits for our first trip when the Club reconvenes for the new season.

A non-refundable deposit of €100.00, along with your UK membership number, will be required on a previously specified date by the travel co-ordinator, to book your place on Official Club trips. The co-ordinator will then proceed to organise the trip, based solely on the number of deposits received.


It is of utmost importance that all Dublin Hammers members conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times while attending any Dublin Hammers Club events, whether at home or whilst traveling to and from the U.K. In particular, no singing is permitted on flights to/from the U.K.

Any indiscipline by members, will be dealt with at Committee level in a serious manner and suspension or even expulsion from the Club, may well result for those involved.

Any member who invites a guest(s) to any Club event must take total responsibility for those guest(s) actions. Again, any indiscipline will be dealt with at Committee level.

End of Season Draw

The Club will endevour to organise an end of season draw, the prize will be a number of trips to see a match at Upton Park. The number of trips on offer will obviously depend on the number of participants in the draw and the amount of monies collected.

The draw will be open ONLY to Dublin Hammers members who are also UK Hammers Club members. A subscription of €3.00 should be paid at each meeting, which will entitle the Member to have one ticket per subscription in the draw. A bonus ticket will be given to those members who attend non-TV meetings (quiz and social nights) during the season at no extra cost. (The onus is on the Member to tender the €3.00 subscription, and not on the collector to ask for it).

Televised Games

Dublin Hammers Members are advised to arrive to televised games 30 minutes prior to kick-off to obtain optimum viewing. Members are encouraged to invite a guest to TV games. There will be a €5.00 charge for each guest in attendance. A log of guests will be maintained for each game. Regular guests must assume full Dublin Hammers Membership on their third visit to the club.