Dublin Hammers Meetings - Season 2012-2013

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 27th May, 2013


And so another season comes to a close. A good attendance of members gathered for the annual AGM. After Liam had welcomed everyone, explaining time was short, we had to be out of the room within the hour... we got straight into proceedings.

Treasurer JC gave us a brief outline of the club finances, again in great shape! Well done Jimmy. Next a new commitee was voted in... well.. not that new... the usual faces took there places... the only change was to the role of Travel Secretary, present TS Josh will be leaving Ireland for pastures new.. Tom said he would take on the role (much to everyones's surprise!) this has traditionally been a hard role to fill... but Mr Jones showed no fear and went for it! Good luck to him, I'm sure we will all try to make his job as easy as possible. He will have a hard act to follow, Josh made the role his own and members gave him a warm and enthusiastic round of applause in recognition of this services! Well done Josh!

Please note: From next season you MUST be a UK member to travel on the club trips. No UK membership... no trip! Once you have re-newed/joined, please make sure Tom has your membership number.

With the main issues sorted in record time, the floor was opened for questions etc. I'm glad to say we had no negativity and things soon turned to the opener for next season... the trip to Cork!

With most of those in attendence already having tickets for the game, it was decided... while munching our way through the sandwiches... that we would travel down by train on the Sunday, have an overnight stay and return on the Monday. Details to follow soon.

And then we were finished (all within an hour... miraculous!) and headed downstairs for the odd drink or two! Well done to all who made the effort to attend. I would also like to thank GerryM, BrianM, JC and Liam for their contributions to the website/facebook page over the season.

More photographs from the Reading trip have been added to the site... Reading Trip Photos 2013

Report Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 12th May, 2013


Our game against Everton couldn’t have come at a worse time, following David Moyes decision to answer the advert for “Dour Scots Bastard required for a Manchester club with lots of Japanese supporters”... we needed to show up... or in our case NOT show up!

The crew that showed up in Brannigans were treated to the most inept performance I have witnessed since the dark days of Glen Roeder. When I looked at the stats at the end of the first half, it showed that we had 38% possession – I scratched my head wondering how this figure was arrived at, as I thought we hardly got a kick of the ball in the first 45 minutes, it was panic defending all the way. I have since come to the conclusion that they had included the pre-match warm up!

Anyway, Everton’s players put in the performance of a lifetime – you’d think that all of them were out to impress the new Man Ure manager who was attending the game. We were a goal down after 6 minutes and two down after 60 minutes. If truth be told we were lucky to get away with only a 2-0 defeat. Most of us felt that Carlton Cole should have been brought on at the start of the second half rather than the 85th minute.

It was depressing to say the least, but the one good thing about being a Hammer is that you can always look on the bright side and that we did as we discussed next weekend’s trip to the Reading game (“we’ll stuff them” etc.). I did get a bit worried at the President’s continuing worries about what shirts we’ll be wearing to the airport, to O’Gradys on Saturday night and to the game itself on Sunday – there’s less discussion on clothes at a Hen Party!!

Half time talk was given by the President who didn’t want any photos taken. The sambos arrived and were wolfed. Gerry Nolan was removed from the President’s table due to his lack of respect for where he was seated. Alan Corr (are your sisters coming on the trip with us????) was the only man that got Chicken Nuggets and Chips, and Alan being the polite young man that he is offered to share, but hungry as we were... we declined.

Josh and Alan had their drinks personally delivered by the bar staff while the rest of us had to trundle up and down the stairs. Eventually Paul (having suffered serious abuse) took the order and saved some of the older folks in attendance the long walk. Jimmy Conway screamed for a penalty every time we crossed the half way line.

Afterwards we headed downstairs for a few more and the President regaled us with his old football stories – you know the ones with Kenny Dalglish, the new floodlights, the taxi driver and the viagra etc. Here’s looking forward to the trip next weekend – now what will I wear?!?!?!

Report Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 27th April, 2013


An early KO for this match, I was working until 1pm so by the time I made it to Brannigans, City were one up! I ordered my pint and made my way upstairs. When I got there one of the tv's was on the blink, so only one tv was working. As I looked around the room of about 20 members I saw a familiar face, it took me a few minutes to recognise him as he had lost 6 stone in 9 months, it was Boston Gerry.

For the rest of the first half Man City dominated. The Thompson family had taken up a table in the middle of the room and had brought Mark the City supporter with them. They were accused of eating all the sandwiches at half time as by the time the plate reached the other side of the room, where most of the members were assembled, there were only two sandwiches left! Luckily another plate appeared, the barmaid made her way to the Thompson table, but a big roar was let out by the others... "Not them!!! Bring the sandwiches over here".

The second half saw Man City make chance after chance to double their score. West Ham were doing their best but their passing was letting them down. Jaaskelainen and O'Brien made two important blocks to keep it at 1-0 but the inevitable happened in the 82 minute when Yaya Toure scored with a curling shot from the edge of the box to make it 2-0. West Ham huffed and puffed and got their reward in the 93rd minute when Carroll brought the ball down on his chest, hit it with his right foot and the shot went between Joe Harts legs. That was the last kick of the game.

We all ended up downstairs for a few pints and a chat. A big Hello to Karen and Kevin from Crawley who joined us on their 10th wedding anniversary. They had come in for a pint and when they saw the Dublin Hammers tops, made their way upstairs and were amazed to find a gang of West Ham supporters all enjoying the game. Gerry Nolan did the honours and welcomed them, just as well Liam is in Spain on holidays as he may have run them from the Club (only joking Liam). Hope to see all at Dublin Airport heading over for the Reading game.

Report Brian Maddan.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 20th April, 2013


After Wednesday nights heroics I was looking froward to this game. I got a message via Facebook on Friday that the game was on in Brannigans on Saturday. I got to the pub at 2.50pm, made my way upstairs to find only two other members, a far cry from Wednesday night when the room as jammers.

Wigan came into this game needing a win and they started well, pressing the Hammers early on. West Ham started coming into the game and on 21 minutes Matt Jarvis got the ball on the left and crossed the ball into the box, no one got a foot on the ball and it ended up in the back of the next. By now there was at least 8 members in attendance, the room went wild... well one corner did!

Wigans passing was neat and composed, but the Hammers back line was not really being tested. Half time and Liam did the free trip draw, I think he said in all about 10 members turned up. The second half started with Wigan coming at us in wave after wave, but the defence stood strong. After the 50 minute mark Big Sam started the changes Noble for Gary O'Neill. Wigan still had the majority of the ball so Joe Cole came on for Vaz Te in the 60th minute, some members thought it should have been Nolan that was taken off!

Wigan where still trying their best when on 77 minutes the signal on the T.V went down... when the picture came back Nolan was celebrating his 100th league goal! West Ham went on to see the last 10 minutes out and maybe Carroll should have made it 3-0, but a job well done. It looks like we are well and truely safe, its just a matter of how far up the table we finish.

Report Brian Maddan.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 17th April, 2013


I arrived 10 minutes late for this meeting, made straight for the bar.. and low and behold I had just ordered my pint of Guiness when Jarvis crossed, Carroll headed across goal and VazTe scored the opener with a diving header! The ceiling shook as a packed room of Dublin Hammers celebrated overhead!

I made my way upstairs to find the main tv had gone blank while various committee members scurried around putting plugs and wires back into place… like I said the room shook with the celebrations!

With the TV soon up and running again and we settled down to watch a cracker of a game (if only they were all like this). Andy Carroll was well and truly up for the game as he terrorised the manure defence. But they are no mugs and soon started to build up some pressure on our goal. Before long they had equalized after Kawanker(?) left Reid in a heap and crossed from the by-line for a simple tap-in.

So all level at half-time and the sandwiches were consumed. Just sandwiches you ask? That's right… and there I was looking forward to not only the sandwiches, but sausages, chicken wings and chips (see the Liverpool game report) What happened?

Some 10 minutes into the second half the ball was played down the right hand side, it was played back to Gee Demel who back flicked the ball to Diame, he spun leaving the manure defender for dead before curling a shot that bent around three players before finding the bottom corner… que dublin hammers mayhem! With a mixture of surprise and joyful glee the room exploded… "Brazil, it's just like watching Brazil" and "We are West Ham, we play on the floor" were sung. A truly great goal… must be goal of the season surely!

With everyone in good spirits the meeting was in full flow, wise crack after wise crack, one feeding off the other ensured members laughed their way through the remainder of the second half.

The mancs were stung into action, West Ham sat back inviting wave after wave of attacks… they came ever close to scoring… and eventually they did… Kagawanker(?)’s shot hit the post and RVP scored… from an off-side position it has to be said. The ref gave it, but we hung on for the draw!

A very entertaining game with incidents galore. Both teams were "putting it about" with "Man of the Match" Carroll usually in the thick of it. The highlight came from a West Ham corner, Carroll threw himself towards the incoming ball… missed… but succeeded in taking out not just DeGea, but also Evra… leaving both players flattened in the area. DeGea had to be given oxygen! Then the camera panned to a fist shaking, red faced Furguson on the touch line… oh how we laughed!

Great meeting.

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 7th April, 2013


There was a decent crowd in for this early Sunday KO. Given our record at Anfield... no win since 1963, not many in attendance gave much hope for our chances.

First half we kept them out with Collins, Tomkins and even Vaz Te making great tackles. Diame had our best chance, but blasted it over the bar.

Half time came and the mood was a lot more upbeat, Gary even said the hoodoo could be broken. Sandwiches, chips, chicken wings... AND... sausages were savaged. David McDonagh, my nephew won the spot the ball.

On to the 2nd half, more of the same, lots of Liverpool possesion but we kept them out. Near the end, we had the best chance of the game when Collisons header was cleared off the line. Full time came and we got a much deserved point.

Have to say the lads put in a great shift. One more win should see us over the line. One final thing... I got a phone call from our treasurer just before KO. He was in Murrays Bar with a pitcher of beer and all the scousers. Jimmy... you're the facebook king, you're the last one who should be turning up at the wrong venue!

Anyway, thanks for showing up for the 2nd half. See you all in Brannigans (note Jimmy... Brannigans) for the ManUtd game. Keep your eye on the website and facebook page for info on the Southampton game.

Report by Liam McDonagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 17th March, 2013


The day got off to the worst possible start with a phone call from Paul in Brannigans saying he was unable to get the game on. There followed frantic texting to let the members know of the switch to Murrays. Thanks to Paul Smith for getting the message on the web site and facebook page. As for your 'Secs plea' to answer the call... sorry lads, but it was a poor show!

Anyway onto the game... they hammered us. Your not going to get anything at the Bridge with O'Neill and Taylor as your midfield, which was the the case when Diame went off at half time. I thought Carroll and Jarvis put in a good shift. The coin throwing at Lampard was out of order, but you would have to question where he celebrated the goal. As for that low life Terry, what was he doing warming up in front of our fans (Not to mention gesturing the lifting of a cup... or perhaps it was Rafa's hips he was dreaming of hanging onto? Ed.). The 4th official sent him up the other end.

That result makes the West Brom game in 3 weeks, a game we need to win to avoid getting dragged into a relegation scrap. Before I go, a special mention to Imelda and Ben, Sligo Hammers who joined us in Murrays for the game and visited our home Brannigans after the game. Despite the result, we hope you enjoyed your time with the Dublin Hammers.

Report by Liam McDonagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 25th February, 2013


The stage was set, The 20th anniversary after the death of Booby Moore, his daughter and her kids led the teams out onto the pitch. A well attended "up for it" band of Dublin Hammers gathered… but oh, what a sickener!

After the 1 minutes continuous clapping in memory of the great man himself the game began and we looked OK, that was until Gee Demel decided to pass the ball across the edge of the penalty area… a school boy error which cost us dearly… as his pass went straight to Gareth Bale, he took two touches before putting the ball into the net. We huffed and puffed and finally got some reward when Scott Parker, who was surprising booed by a section of the crowd, fouled Andy Carroll in the area and the ref awarded the penalty. With Noble out injured, Carroll took it and converted nicely to make it 1-1, which is how it stood at half-time, mostly down to Jussi who made great save after great save to keep us in it.

Those of us who normally sit in the front stalls were joined by 'Nidge" McDonagh for this game. Situated next to the Presidents table, this area of the room is normally relaxed with the hum of polite conversation and the odd song… but not for this evening… It was just like being in the old chicken run in the early 80's as streams of abuse were hurled at all and sundry… can anyone tell me what exactly is a pox bottle? The president was forced to look over the top of his glasses on numerous occasions. Anyway, half time came and we scoffed the sandwiches while being relieved of our hard earned cash for the free trip draw and spot the ball!

The start of the second half found West Ham asleep, still dreaming of monster pay packets and wondering if Pardew had shagged any of the players wives at Newcastle yet. Jussi made yet another blinding save. Then O'Brien put a lovely ball into Joe Cole who turned on a sixpence and steered the ball into the Tottenham net. Que Dublin Hammers mayhem.

After that it was pretty much all Tottenham, possession stats said 70% to our 30%, we gave away free kick after free kick, Jussi made another great save, then out of the blue Matt Taylor was put clean through and with only the keeper to beat… he… he… fucked it up! Gee Demel went off to be replaced by 'that chap whose name sounds like Poltergiest'… the Tottenham players proceeded to go past him like he was a ghost.. time and time again. "Did anyone remember to bring the defibulator" said the club secretary.

With 10 minutes or so to go they equalised after a goal mouth scramble… they closed in for the kill… in injury time the preening gaylord that is Gareth Bale (his free kick preparations are now reaching rugby style proportions) flopped to the floor, was completely ignored by everyone, except he got up again to find himself in acres of space, the ball came back to him and he struck a great shot that flew past Jussi into the net and sent all those muggy spuds home happy.

As I said… sickener…. I now have to agree with the Club Secretary that we could be in serious trouble. With a run of tough games coming our way, it's hard to pick one you could say we'll win on our current form! The defence is a worry, the Tottenham forward line won header after header in our box, and but for Jussi we could have lost by 4 or 5. Disappointing night. And losing to those slags is always a bitter pill to swallow!

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 10th February, 2013


It was a dirty day in Dublin, so it was nice to see a good crowd in for this early kick off. The first half was awful. They missed a sitter in the first minute. The rest of the half was mistake ridden. Half time could not come quick enough. Spot the ball and sandwich time. Gerry Nolan missed the sambos but the new girl behind the bar brought some baskets of hot food to stop him moaning.

On to the second half and we began to see how bad Villa were, and for 20 minutes we were all over them. But we did not score. Then with 15 minutes left Noble gave away a peno. One down soon became two! With a few minutes left we pulled one back thru an og and there was still time for their e keeper to make two good saves to deny us a point.

If we don't get somthing from the Spurs game, we are right back in a relegation scrap. Hope you can all make the effort to get in for a big game against Spurs.

PLEASE NOTE: Deposits for the Reading trip will be taken at the Spurs meeting.

Report by Liam McDonagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 30th January, 2013


Tommy Noctor, Gary Rurdy, Craig McDonagh, Kevin Murphy, Eddie Cox, Gerry Nolan, Alan Corr and yours truely... take a bow. This was the hardest night ever watching west ham in a pub. We watched the gaMe on a small tv surrounded hundreds of Barcelona fans watching their game against Real Madrid. At least half of them were screaming girls... throw in our shambolic performance... and you ended up with the night from hell.

I have been saying this for 3 months now we are in trouble. We're nearing the must win senario now. At the time of writing this Diame is still our player. If we lose him I fear the worst. Tomkins... O'Brien... Nolan... Chamack... not good enough. Hopefully, Pogatetz will help shore up our defence.

I have nothing else to add!

Report by Liam McDonagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 23rd January, 2013


How I wish the tube drivers had gone on strike again for this game, just as they did on St Stephens Day. Yes, this was the rearranged game at the Emirates, West Ham came into this game on the back of a 1-0 defeat away to Man Utd (FA Cup replay) and a 1-1 draw at home to QPR. In both of those games the Hammers had OK games but still had room for improvement. Well folks, it wasn't going to come in this game!

We were in the game for the first half, playing a 4-3-3 formation, with a midfield of Noble, Nolan & Collinson. With 18 minutes on the clock, West Ham get a corner which was taken by Matt Taylor, only for it to be cleared by Giruod, the ball falls for Jack Collinson who smashes it into the back of the net from the edge of the box. Que the cheers and roars from the well attended Dublin Hammers meeting.

The lead wasn't going to last very long... only 4 minutes after our goal... Podolski got the equalizer with a 25 yard screamer. Arsenal went on to take control of the game, it was back to the wall time, O'Brien cleared one off the line and Reid blocked a Wilshire shot.

Ahh half time sambos and the free trip draw... in all five trips up for grabs... well done to... Brendan Shiels, Kevin Murphy, Tommy Noctor, Alan Corr and Brian O'Flaherty.... still waiting on mine 15yrs on! Ah well heres hoping next year will be mine! Liam reminded everybody to keep an eye on the website for up coming matches and Gary won the spot the ball for the second Wednesday in a row.

The Second half was a horror show... West Ham shipped four goals in ten minutes and two seconds... Giruod 46.10, Cazorla 52.17, Walcott 53.50 and Giruod 56.12... OMG... what the hell... could it get any worse? Big Sam made the changes after the hour mark, bringing on Potts, Diarra and Diame... with the game well and throughly lost it was a matter of keeping the Arsenal out. The match was held up for over 12 minutes with a bad injury to young Dan Potts, after a tackle with Sagna he hit the ground and hurt his neck. Potts was stretchered off and taken to hospital.

The game ended 5-1 to Arsenal, you would think that headline would have made the morning back pages... but thanks to Chelsea's Hazard kicking the shit out off a Swansea ball boy... it didn't.

Report by Brian Maddan.

Dublin Hammers Trip - 19th January, 2013


12 Dublin Hammers assembled in the Q-bar early Saturday morning! Bad weather in the London area had us wondering if we were going to get to the game? Anyway, after a one and a half hour delay we got out and arrived in Stanstead for 11 o'clock. National Express and London Underground had us at Upton Park before one. Time for grub and more drinks.

On to the match... I have been attending games at Upton Park since 1980, and never have I seen a more one sided game in all those years. They had one shot. We battered them the whole game, but we don't have anyone to finish the chances. It was a relief when Joe Cole leveled the game. Chamack was average. Nolans goals have dried up, he gives us little else. Did you hear the cheers that went up when he was taken off for Vaz Te with 3 minutes to go. For me, Joe Cole and Diame played well. The point was of more use to us. QPR looked like a poor team to me. Anyway with the weather getting worse, we headed back to Stanstead and much to our relief our flight departed on time for home.

I would like to mention a few people. Firstly, our Chairman Eddie Cox traveled without a match ticket, he got one, but who was the person who showed some concern as to wether he picked one up?... Tommy Noctor, who charmed the old bill into letting us skip the underground queue. Finally to Alan Corrs father, hope you enjoyed your day with the Dublin Hammers. The day was rounded off when Tommy Noctor, Dave Reid, Dessie Doyle and yours truely hooked up with the wags in town to party!

Report by Liam McDonagh.

Ed: If anyone has any photos from the QPR trip, please send them to me at: paul@creatives.ie

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 16th January, 2013

MANCHESTER UTD 1 vs WEST HAM UTD 0 : FA Cup 3rd Round Replay.

Despite our terrific showing in the first cup game against Man Ure, I think most of us felt that we didn’t really stand a chance in Old Trafford. Our defeat the previous Saturday to Sunderland didn’t give us much encouragement. The announcements of both starting 11s made us all wonder. We left Nolan, Demel, Collison and Jarvis on the bench; no Joe Cole; young Jordan Spence at right full and three centre halves??? Man Ure meanwhile rested a number of players that I expected to see start the game. So looking at both teams I thought... maybe?!

Anyway, we did have a good attendance in for the game, the TV reception was a little bit iffy throughout but we soldiered on. Both Eddie Cox’s sat at the “Negativity Table” despite us saying that one of them should join the “Presidential Table”. The President informed us that we had our own RVT to rival Man Ure – unfortunately our RVT always looks a little bit too casual for my liking. Tomkins got caught out by the Mexican lad (whatever they call him) and Rooney buried the cross after just 9 minutes so we expected an onslaught. It never came and half time saw us just the one goal behind.

The sambos arrive and are devoured. Gary wins the Spot the Ball with West Ham and Liamo informs us that we’re on the telly against Arsenal next Wednesday. Lots of talk about who’s going to the QPR game, who’s booked flights for the Reading game and who’ll win the free trip draw next week (please let it be me – it’s ages since I won!).

Second half and we look a little better. If the ref had given us the penalty for Rafael’s hand ball we may have been level early on, but he couldn’t see the hand ball from all of 10 yards. I did point out that you never get penos at Old Trafford or Taggart will have the ref doing the Conference League for evermore.

Taylor gets put through but his poor option trying to pick out Cole sees the ball being cleared – he should have played it back to Diame who was better placed to score. Spence plays a superb ball down the sideline that comes off the corner flag. We make changes that see Nolan and Collison come on but to little effect. Elliot Lee (Rob Lee’s son) comes on after Liamo has roared abuse at RVT - but he looks a little bit light just yet. Scholes was late getting to the game as he couldn’t use his bus pass during peak hours, so had to wait to get a bus after 7.00pm. He should have gone for the late, late challenge on Taylor, but ended up with just a yellow and smiles and winks from the ref.

Naturally enough the ref awards Man Ure a peno and up steps Rooney; we think his hair got in his eyes as he somehow managed to hit the poor lad in row Z. We laugh and hurl abuse that he can’t hear, but you can see by Taggart that he’ll be on the end of the hair dryer at full time.

The game goes from end to end without too much troubling either keeper. As I said earlier I think Vaz Te is a bit casual and the pass he played into Nolan only enhances my theory – it lacked pace and was played into his feet rather that in front of him whereby Nolan never got a clean strike on the ball. We need to do better in front of goal. I did think that young Spence and especially Dan Potts played really well and look set to have bright futures – hopefully with West Ham!!

Report by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 5th January, 2013


If only all games were like this one, entertaining, end to end, great goals and high drama! A healthy gang of Dublin Hammers, one with a his new christmas present… a Sporting Lisbon bag(?), gathered in Branigans for the FA Cup 3rd Round tie against high flying Manchester Utd. They swanned into town confidently leaving Van Persie, Evra, and Ferndinand on the bench. For the Hammers, Joe Cole lined up for his first game since rejoining us from Liverpool in the week, Diarra came into midfield, whilst young Potts started at left-back.

For the first 10 minutes or so we struggled to get a touch of the ball as they strutted around, but like the Chelsea game, we slowly came onto it. However first blood went to them, shortly after Potts had cleared off the line they took the lead via a nice finish from Tom Cleverly. We didn't panic and to our credit, started to have a go at them, then from a lovely cross from JCole, Collins powered a header into the back of the net for the equalizer. We celebrated with gusto… and then the sandwiches appeared… and before the half-time whistle had sounded! Does it get much better?

Half-time came and went, pre-match bets were discussed, the Dublin Hammer (who shall remain nameless!) who had ManU down for a 3-1 win was heard to utter 'bring on Van Persie'… Scandalous!

So to the second half… surprisingly, we looked comfortable and low and behold before long JCole put another peach of a cross into the area and Collins again leapt above the floundering Manc defence to head into the top corner of the net… que Dublin Hammers Mayhem… JC's daughter Grainne, who was sat under the TV, had her fingers in her ears as the noise levels went up to full!

Later on during the second half, Grainne treated us to brilliant impersonations of Ashley Young, Ronaldo and Gareth Bale as she repeatedly dived onto the padded seats from a standing position!

West Ham Goal 1 West Ham Goal 2

So could we hang on? Well, we tried but it wasn't to be. On came the big guns… Giggs, Valencia and RVP… Giggs should have scored with a header, but it was a class finish RVP from a Giggs thru ball to equalize… and in the 3rd minute of injury time. Sickener, but that's what 25million gets you! So all in all, a good meeting, a very entertaining match, I thought we did well, we took the game to them and they were sweating in the end, Taggart was ranting on the touch-line and only a touch of real class saved them. Everyone was saying yesterday… 'thats your lot, you'll be stuffed up there', but you know what… I think we will give them a game up there too… and you never know!

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 1st January, 2013


New Years day saw the visit of Norwich to the Boleyn Ground. After missing the last couple of games I made my way into Brannigans for this one.

When I arrived the match had just kicked off and within the first couple of minutes West Ham were awarded a penalty. The match was being shown downstairs, and as Noble was about to take the penalty... a big cheer went up from the small group of Dublin Hammers assembled? I was wondering what was going on... Noble had not even touched the ball... what I had failed to notice was this match was been screened via a laptop through the T.V and Sky Sports News was on the other television and was 30 to 45 seconds ahead of the match we were looking at. From then on everytime West Ham or Norwich were attacking everyone would look over to the T.V with Sky Sports News on it to see if either team had scored.

When the second goal was scored we all cheered before it hit the back of the net and it was the lad from Crumlin who scored... Joey O’Brien. The feed via the laptop was glitchy and went down a couple of times during the match, but West Ham were the better team on the day and went on to win the game 2-1 (Norwich scoring in the 90th min).

As I walked out the door after the match, Kellie (my 9yr old Daughter) said to me "when do you think they will have the televisions upstairs fixed?", I looked at her and then remembered the last two occasions she was in with me, the matches were on downstairs, I told her soon maybe... perhaps this Saturday when we play Man Utd.

Report by Brian Maddan.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 22nd December, 2012


Brannigans were unable to pick up this game on there foreign channel, so the hardy few headed back to Murrays to watch the game. This venue also happens to be home to an Everton supporters club. We matched them for numbers, despite the fact that a lot of our members will not attend games at this venue.

As to the game, lets be clear Everton totally deserved to win. At nil all they had a goal dissallowed harshly and to rub salt into there wounds Cole puts us one up with a cracker. They pushed hard for a goal and eventually scored through Anichibe. Then the ref sends Cole off for nothing (which was recinded today.) We were hanging on with eleven men, but the ten could not hang on and Pienaar won the game for the Scousers.

Our record against the merseyside teams is awful. I have been banging on about the lack of depth in our squad, we need a few bodies in the window. Reading and Norwich are big games now . Lose them and were in a relegation scrap. Thank God for the underground strike on Boxing Day!

Report by Liam McDonagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 16th December, 2012


A packed, full of cheer (except Liam), crowd turned out to watch West Ham take on West Brom at the Hawthorns. The cheer was quickly knocked out of all of us with the inept display from both sides. As Big John said to me after 15 minutes “this game has 0-0 written all over it”. He wasn’t wrong as both teams endeavoured to keep the game scoreless!

Just before half time Dessie gets to selling the Spot the Balls. Liamo attacked him for selling them while the match was still on – we all thought “great, a bit of excitement”.

Half time 0-0 and talk turns to how MOTD 2 is going to find any highlights in that first half. The sandwiches failed to appear and was noted by a happy President (happy because he won the Spot the Ball – “the first time in 20 years” he told us). Liamo tells us that the Everton game will most likely be shown next Saturday (check the website and facebook), the Arsenal game could be postponed due to an impending Tube strike and our next definite game on the TV is against Man Ure on Saturday, 5th January.

Second half kicks off and both teams revert to form and manage to create one of the most dull games in history. The President had to remind us a number of times that there was a game on as we all got distracted. The battle between Shane Long and Winston (Dave) Reid was the best of a poor game. Funniest comment was “and my wife said to me before I left the house; isn’t it well for you going in for some entertainment for the afternoon – clearly she’s never seen West Ham!!”

West Brom have a player who consistently got every corner he took into the danger area and must be worth his weight in gold compared to the West Ham players who consistently take poor corner kicks.

The TV went off just as we hit additional time so we sang Jingle Bells... when West Ham win away”. Sadly when it returned it was still scoreless. Winston (Dave) Reid deservedly got Man of the Match (despite missing two headers from 4 yards).

I heard today that Sky Sports are being sued over false advertising... Super Sunday Soccer????... you’re having a laugh!!!

Report by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 9th December, 2012


This meeting, on the afternoon after the Xmas party had a good crowd in... considering the excesses of the night before! Was it just me or does everyone agree that because Suarez was suspended, we thought we only had to turn up to win.

Glen johnson soon put a stop to that. He murdered us in the 1st 15 min and opened the scousers account with a cracker. This had the desired effect and woke us up. 20 min later and were 2-1 up. To go in at ht winning was a bonus considering our start.

Half time consisted of sambos and tales of the xmas party. In case you havent heard, yours truely had a smashing time!

On to the 2nd half, we were containing them essily until Diame got injured and taken off. Tomkins replaced him in midfield... when we all know he is a centre half. Joe Cole came back to haunt us to level the game. To me there was only one winner from here. So it proved, Gingers OG sealed our fate.

Have told you all before, our squad has no depth! We need to pick a few players up in the January window to consolidate our steady 1st half of the season. West Brom next sun on Sky... See you there!

Report by Liam McDonagh.

Dublin Hammers Christmas Party - 8th December, 2012


Read a report and see the photos...

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 1st December, 2012


A good number of Hammers gathered for this early Saturday kick-off, things were pretty laid back (the early Saturday kick offs are all the same) and as the game proceeded West Ham's performance wasn't helping to raise noise levels. With Carroll out for 6 weeks, Cole leading the line we struggled to get the ball. Pretty soon Chelsea went one up, Mata scoring from a pull back by Torres… it all looked too easy. Jussi then produced a great save to keep us in it. Things livened up just before half-time when we seemed to wake up, Nolan had the ball into the net only for a foul to be given?

BFS brought on Diame and Taylor for the second half and the transformation was a delight to behold. Instead of sitting back and letting them play, we got stuck into them with Diame outstanding (so far it's between Diame and Reid for my Hammer of the Year). Before long a cross came in and Cole headed into the Chelsea goal.

Chelsea fought back and hit the post, but we kept at them… Jarvis was put through with wonderful pass only for Cech to make the save. Now the noise levels at the meeting were rising, then Cole crossed to Diame who belted the ball into the back of the net… and we raised the roof… the 'blue flag' song started and we were a happy bunch.

Then low and behold we went at them again, Cole put Nolan through, his shot was parried by Cech, it fell to the feet of Maiga who rifled the ball into the back of the net… cue Dublin Hammers mayhem! That was it, they were not going to come back from that and we celebrated with another rendition of the 'blue flag' song as well as bubbles!

Great result… It's been a while since we beat those Kings Road Dandies and we all went home happy! Those of you who were over from the UK, thanks for joining us and we trust you enjoyed the rest of your weekend.

Sunday morning and the wife arrived up with the papers and coffee, as she handed me the sports section there was the headline… yes it had to be… Chelsea Hammered… the final paragraph of the report said "Maiga's goal would have driven a stake through Chelsea's heart… if they'd had one".

Personally I hope they lose a few more, what's the rich russian going to do? Sack Rafa after a few games. They are fast becoming a laughing stock, when the West Ham fans started singing… "your getting sacked in the morning" the Chelsea fans joined in!

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 28th November, 2012


The hardy few turned out to see us take on Man Ure on a cold Wednesday night. When I got upstairs in Brannigans bang on 8.00pm the TVs were blank! I asked was this a replay of some of those “satellite” games in Ringsend where we ended up listening to the game on the radio. It appears that there was a problem with the feed. Anyway, Liamo blamed me on the basis that it had worked with no issues until I showed up – it’s nice to feel welcome. Tommy Noctor told us that we were already a goal down, we thought he was kidding, unfortunately he wasn’t.

We decided to troop downstairs and see how Techie Paul was getting on with the TV in the bar. He wasn’t looking too hopeful so Gary and Alan headed around to Murrays to see if they had the game on. A few minutes later Liam got the call to say Murrays were showing the match. Liam and a few others finished their drinks and headed around. They had only gone 5 minutes when Techie Paul sorted out the “feed” problem and the screen burst into life. We phoned Liam who was about to order drinks in Murrays (the pitcher) and was able to cancel and return. Gary and Alan weren’t so lucky and had to stay a while longer.

The match itself was not terribly exciting. West Ham never seemed to get into any kind of rhythm and Man Ure, being a goal up after 30 seconds, looked to be going through the motions. We missed Noble in midfield where his spot was taken by Tomkins. Jarvis was very poor on the left and Taylor was woeful no matter what side he played on. Carroll produced one decent strike but never looked dangerous.

The second half saw Man Ure open brightly and they came close to adding to their tally, a fine last ditch clearance from Nolan denied them a second goal. Meanwhile we hoofed balls up to Carroll who wasn’t having a good game so it all came to nothing. The few corners we got we wasted. As the game wore on Man Ure started to look vulnerable as they got sloppy. On came big Carlt for big Carroll and we started to look a little bit more dangerous but we failed to take the game to them and it ended in a 1-0 defeat. An indifferent display from both teams on the night.

Report by Gerry Murtaggh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 25th November, 2012


There was a decent crowd in and to everyones relief we were able to watch the game upstairs... this was to be the end of the good news. As to the match itself, we were doing ok till the first goal was scored by Defoe, 1 minute before the break, the most dissapointing thing about the 1st half was our attacking... or lack of it!

The sandwiches arrived on cue as dessie got to work with the spot the ball which was won by yours truely! Nice to see Alan Corrs dad Billy make his 1st dublin hammers meeting, also Fran Ryan aka the President brought along one of the star prizes thats being raffled at the xmas party... a framed legends poster! Also thanks to Billy Corr who gave me a west ham bottle of vino which i will put into the xmas raffle... anyway on to the 2nd half.

No getting away from it, we were thrashed, there is no depth in our squad and I fear the worst on wednesday against Man Utd. Just our luck Carroll breaks his duck only for it to be consillation goal.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to get in on a truely awful afternoon.

Not nice to see west ham getting all the headlines for all the wrong reasons on monday... rascist chants were out of order... I know we dont like Spurs, but a line was crossed at shite hart lane.

Report by Liam McDonagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 19th November, 2012


A good turnout of members witnessed this hard, bruising, physical encounter against a resolute Stoke City.

The Hammers started brightly enough, and the competitive battles going on all over the pitch raised noise levels, in the ground and at the meeting. But after 15 minutes, we went a goal down, Walters scoring. It looked like he had all the time in the world to finish, but the replay showed a couple of our defenders being impeded, thus stopping them getting anywhere near the ball as the corner came in… good ole Stoke!

The S.N.A (Support Not Abuse) Campaign became a losing battle (with the Club Secretary in legendary form) as Stoke came more and more into the game and the West Ham attacks became uninventive and slow. It didn't help that West Ham were without Jarvis and Benayoun, the later being in good form lately. Thank goodness for half time.

Second half was much better, a half time rocket from BFS seemed to have had an effect and from the kick-off the Hammers were piling on the pressure! It didn't take long for us to score the equalizer. The ball was fired into the area low and hard, and Dubliner Joey O’Brien swept the ball into the roof of the net… an already boisterous meeting exploded. Minutes later O’Brien made a sliding tackle in the area to put the ball out… this resulted in a spontaneous chorus of "he's here, he's there, he's every-fucking-where… Joey O'Brien".

Although we pressed, the winner didn't come and a draw was probably about right. A good, noisy, up for it meeting… spurs, chelsea and manure up next! COYI’s.

PS. As Huth spent most of the evening with his arms around Andy Carroll, we are expecting an engagement announcement any day now!

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 11th November, 2012


I arrived a little late for this match to find the Dublin Hammers assembled downstairs for the second meeting in Brannigans watching the Hammers on the 'Arab Channel'.

It was the return of Nolan and Carroll to St. James Park, and on the managers front, it was the ex-managers of the Magpie's and the Hammers... face to face. The Hammers looked comfortable in the early exchanges as Newcastle where trying to find their feet. Diame was looking very good in the middle of the park and Nolan was well up for this one with breaking runs from midfield trying to link up with Carroll.

About 20 mins into the match, Newcastle get a corner and with that, a big cheer goes up from the bar... we had in our midsts a stag party from Newcastle... yes, the Geordie's were in town!

West Ham's defence were playing well, in particular Winston Reid and Joey O'Brien, and it was O'Brien who was at the heart of West Ham's goal in the 37th minute, his shot across the box washeading wide, when Nolan popped up to steer it home. Up went the cheer and Paddy Rogers ran into the middle of the Geordie's... doing the chicken dance.

Half time came and so did the sambo's, two plates for the Dublin Hammers and an extra plate for the lads from Newcastle. In the second half Newcastle where shooting from outside the box as the Hammers defence kept them at bay, Jaaskelainen pulled of two great saves from Cabaye and Demba Ba. The Hammers had a chance to make it two nil, Carroll forced a mistake in the Newcastle defence, Nolan picked up the loose ball and gave Carroll an inch perfect pass his shot was saved by Krul, as he still looks for his first hammers goal. The Hammers went on to see out the game a good result away from home.

A big hello to Gary Taylor whose stag party it was... and also the rest of the lads from Newcastle, hope you made the flight back on Monday morning!

Report by Brian Maddan.

newcastle newcastle

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 3rd November, 2012


The visit of the league champions proved to be a big draw as the meeting was well attended with members in great form! Some members were looking very smart (not a west ham logo in sight) with plans later to go dancing!

Tevez got his usual warm reception from the Uptown Park faithful, much to the disgruntlement of the President! It has to be pointed out that during the month of November the President abstains from alcohol, so he seemed strangely left-field!

The match began and within a few minutes a free-kick was floated into the box, Nolan watched it come over his shoulder before volleying the ball into the net… we were all up off our seats… it was a cracker… not no… the 'should have gone to spec-savers' linesman was waving his flag… no goal! The replay showed that Nolan was clearly onside… bollox!

Although City were passing the ball around comfortably, it was West Ham who had the better of the first half. Hart saved from a stinging Benayuon volley, Diame had a shot saved, Carroll shot narrowly wide… just wasn't to be.

Half time then and the sandwiches were duly despatched against a hub-bub of conversation and chat. In fact, the game had re-started, but members were so busy chatting that the President had to stand up and remind us that there was a match on!

Second half was a different story with City pressing West Ham, they made a good few chances, but failed to put the ball into the net. Barry burst into the area and somehow managed to put the ball wide… it was close, I for one thought he was going to score. The replay showed he had clearly controlled the ball with his arm, but the ref didn't give a free… thank feck he missed.

West Ham's best chance in the second half came as McCartney put in a great cross and an overhead kick from Carroll was deflected wide. Diame and Carroll were subbed, on came Gary O'Neill and Big Carlton. We shut up shop and hung on to earn a well earned draw. Have to say Carlton looked very mediocre when he came on, the arrival of Carroll has put his efforts seriously into perspective.

So a good point, could have won it but for a poor offside call! A good, well attended, upbeat meeting came to a close as members headed downstairs for more drinking and chat.

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 27th October, 2012


Our first meeting in Brannigans on the 'Arab Channel', the match was shown downstairs and for the 13 of us who watched, it was no hardship, especially after putting up with Murrays for the last few years.

All the usual suspects were assembled, the commentary was in English... this proved to be as good as it got... the performance was awful from the moment Ramis (a player we were supposed to sign in the summer) volleyed the first goal, it was game over. Not one player performed, and most worrying of all were the efforts of Carroll and Jarvis, for the money we coughed up you would expect a lot more!

Anyway, thanks to all who showed up, thanks to Paul at Brannighans for the half time sandwiches and I hope to see a good crowd in for next Saturday's Man City game.

One other thing... when Tomkins scored our consilation goal, Tom Jones son Conor burst out crying... think you need keep an eye on Conor, looks like he could be another members son lost to Man U!

Report by Liam McDonagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 6th October, 2012


Arrived with 15 minutes to go before kick-off and found the room almost empty? Couldn't believe it, a late kick-off, the first of the top four teams to visit Upton Park… Carroll and Jarvis starting… I really thought the place would be hopping.

The game started and as expected Arse were passing the ball well but without really threatening the West Ham goal. We struggled to get a touch of the ball, in fact after 20 minutes we all agreed that it was a pretty dull game, then out of the blue, Diame went past 2 defenders, ran into the box and unleashed an unstoppable shot into the goal. For so few of us there, the cheer was mighty… I don't think any of us could quite believe it. The possession stats came up… Arse 75%, Hammers 25%… yet one nil up we were.

Still the Arse passed the ball around. We pressurised and chased, but our chances were few and far between. Then with a few minutes to go before the break, Arsenal equalized after Giroud got behind the sleeping Collins to volley into the net.

Half time then, and sandwiches as well as a fair few members showed up.

The second half was very entertaining as West Ham came more into the game. Demel was doing well down the right, while Carroll was causing problems for the Arsenal defence… Nolan missed a great chance… then Vaz Te went off injured, Demel went off injured…. Arsenal brought on Walcot… and as we pushed on in search of a winner, a poor pass was intercepted… Walcot was released… McCartney was left trailing in his wake and the ball was in the back of the net… bollox! Shortly after Corzola made it 3-1 with an absolute beauty.

So, no surprises really, would have been interesting had Nolan put his chance away, but it wasn't to be. Thought we did quite well, although our game depended on high energy levels, when these dropped in the final 15 minutes, thats when the damage was done… oh and the 2 injuries were a bit of a bummer too!

Well done to Mick's son who made the effort to get into the meeting now that his dad has had to return to the UK… well done mate! COYI’s

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 1st October, 2012

QPR 1 vs WEST HAM 2.

I had told everyone before this game that it was a night that would guarantee 3 pints and might even stretch to 4 or 5 depending on the result! And so it did, as West Ham tore into QPR and put themselves into the lead after just 3 minutes. Matt Jarvis looked as surprised as everyone else when he found himself at the far post with nobody near him and unlike Carlton Cole who would have missed; he didn’t, as he headed the ball into the net. The assembled throng went mad! A rendition of “Sacked in the morning” rung out and we knew that we were in for a cracking WHU performance.

The game went from end to end with the Hammers looking the more likely to score. Winston Reid got poleaxed by Jussi Jaaskelainen and was replaced by James Tomkins, fresh from the catwalks of Milan where his recent modelling assignment was. We egged the team on to increase the lead and when all looked lost up stepped (the very casual) Ricardo Vaz Te to turn in a second goal from an impossible angle 10 minutes from the break. We leapt around like young lads with delight.

Half time and the sambos arrived but where was Liam for our half time talk??? He was eventually found and informed us about our next meeting, the DH Christmas party on 8th December and the news that Brannigans are going to get the satellite channel that shows all the Premier League games so in future we’ll be on the TV for all the Saturday games. He was very emphatic about not sending out any more texts to us about when and where games are televised so we all have to check the website or facebook.

Second half arrived and QPR put us under the cosh. We defended well but a superb strike brought the score back to 2-1. From then on it was anyone’s game as both teams went for broke. Unfortunately we had Carlton Cole upfront who missed a sitter from 15 yards (and was promptly booked by the referee for 'the worst miss he had ever witnessed!!') so the score remained the same.

Andy Carroll came on with 20 minutes to go and posed a real threat to the QPR defence as he won the headers and directed the ball into the path of our midfielders. The QPR keeper pulled off a few terrific saves to deny us a third and we horsed into our fingernails for the remaining minutes including the 6 additional minutes that the fourth official found somewhere!

The referee managed to book 8 West Ham players during the 101 minutes played; Nolan was booked for asking why Cole had been booked! The final whistle brought a loud cheer and we retired to the bar for a few more.

Overall a great night, we welcomed a few new members, including young Alan, to the fold. The only reason you normally get young West Ham supporters in Dublin is because of family tradition, but Alan broke the mould as he was inspired as a young boy watching the magnificent Paolo Di Canio. Anyway it was great to see the average age of those in attendance reduced by 10 years with young Alan there.

A very good performance overall especially in the middle of the park where Noble deservedly got the Man of the Match award and in defence, where Jussi showed real class to keep us in the game.

Report by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 15th September, 2012


These early saturday mornings are a killer as most members are busy running kids here there and everywhere, actually after sitting through this match I wish I had been here there and everywhere. A poor game with both sides bad as each other.

The BFS ploy of safety first was shown in the starting line-up with Cole up on his own and no-sign of Jarvis or Yossi. Still we started quite brightly with Diame looking good, we created a few chances, the best fell to Nolan who put the ball inches wide. The shots on goal ratio was looking good until a hairy 15 seconds when Norwich had 5 consecutive shots saved and blocked in a classic goal-mouth scramble, somehow we kept them out!

The half time sandwiches arrived and did an impressive disappearing act! More members turned up.

Things livened up as Collins made a crunching tackle approx 10mm outside the penalty area, the ref made an excellent decision in only awarding a free-kick… had it been Old Trafford… penalty! Norwich just kicked it at the wall and the ball was cleared. The second half dragged on, Norwich were marginally the better side. Cole went off injured, on came Miaga, soon followed by Jarvis and Yossi. Jarvis delivered 2 great crosses, but to no avail.

It was disappointing really, with Jarvis and Yossi on we looked more threatening, felt if they had been on from the start we could have won this game. Instead the repeated high balls were dreary watching… in fact it got so tedious in the second half members starting talking about Dallas… with one member pointing out that Sue Ellen was sure to have more "shots" than Carlton Cole!

Thank goodness for the banter, my favourite?, as the camera zoomed into Cole, one member asked the question... Why is Carlton Cole sweating? Still 'a points a point' as they say.

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 1st September, 2012


A good turnout, along with the return of President Ryan and Secretary Liam saw the Hammers restore normal service against Fulham (we never lose to them!). The memory of the previous week’s game against Swansea were erased after just 60 seconds when Nolan opened the scoring. New signing Andy Carroll, who proved to be a constant menace to the Fulham defence, flicked on a header to Vaz Te who in turn fed Nolan to score with a very well taken strike. We all went ballistic!

It wasn’t long before Carroll headed on a ball for Diamme who rattled the crossbar. We were looking great! Reid made it 2-0 from a corner on the half hour... the Hammers pushed on, putting together some nice passing moves, shocked members were soon calliing out “get the ball up in the air!” Then just before the break Matt Taylor scored a third to leave us 3-0 up and the room hopping... all except Liamo who positive as ever, reminded us of a previous 4-4 draw when we were well ahead!

Anyway half time arrived and the few sandwiches were very quickly demolished. Liam welcomed all the new members to the club and reminded everyone about the need to be a UK member in order to get tickets. Dessie sold the Spot the Balls and congrats to young Gemma Noctor who proved to be a winner. She did offer to buy us all a drink until we pointed out that she was far too young to be served!

The second half started and despite us having less of the play we used the ball well when we had it. Carroll went off injured and on came Cole. The difference between the two big men was obvious in terms of winning and directing headers but the commentator had difficulty with the two players as he referred to Cole as Carroll or maybe he knows something that we don’t – Cole changing his first name to Carole maybe!?!

A few superb saves in the dying minutes from Jaaskelainen denied Fulham any chance of getting something from the game and a rousing rendition of “Bubbles” (we only sing when we’re winning) saw us keep a clean sheet and record a fantastic victory. It was noted that at 2.30pm on the Saturday afternoon that, we were in fact, in the Champions League spot so a rendition of “Champions League? Your having a laugh” saw us all troop downstairs for more celebrations.

We did miss Treasurer Jimmy Conway who had been given free tickets to the Notre Dame/Navy game by his Porsche agent!!

Report by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 25th August, 2012


The sun was shining, a good turn out for the early Saturday kick-off, a good few new faces, a new club record signing making his debut… the team came out at Swansea off the back of a good win to start the season… and for the first 20 minutes all was looking good. Big Fat Sam had set the team up to defend, Cole up front, 5 in midfield with Tomkins sitting front of the defence. All was going to plan, new boy Matt Jarvis looked dangerous as his swerving cross was inches behind Nolan. Diame was nicking the ball in in midfield…. COYI's.

And then from Swansea's first real break, the ball was crossed into the area and Jaaskelainen fell on it, diverting it into the net… hmmmm, not part of the plan! 5 minutes later, last week's man of the match, James Collins made a sloppy backpass which was duly stabbed into the net by the waiting Swansea forward.

Members were not impressed, Big Sam was not impressed. In response West Ham put a number of high balls into the area which resulted in various goal mouth scrambles, a weak attempt was cleared off the line, Jarvis had a good shot saved, it just wasn't to be. Half time came and the sandwiches were a welcome diversion.

So, set up to defend then giving Swansea a 2 goal start, how would West Ham re-act… on came Vaz-Te, then Maiga, then Diarra… we pushed on, but the build-up was slow and uninventive… shit actually. Swansea scored a great third goal and the truth is they took the piss in the second half as we struggled to get the ball off them. Thank goodness the usual wise cracks and laughter from members kept the mood upbeat.

Later re-living the calamities on Match of the Day the camera switched to BFS, slouched down so low in his chair he was on the verge of sliding off, chewing gum with his mouth open and shaking his head… "not a good look is it" says the wife. Probably best to just forget this one.

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 20th August, 2012


The first meeting of the season saw a small turn out less than 20 members. With a match against Swansea on Saturday this may be the reason that some members stayed away.

On the night Jimmy took monies for membership & the free trip draw and Josh was on hand to take deposits for our first trip in October. The members where again asked if going on the trip to make sure that they are UK members this can be done online or by phoning West Ham on 0871 222 2271.

The meeting itself was not a long one and by 8.45 it was over. A small congregation of members headed downstairs and had one for the road. We had one new member sign up with us a big hello to Alan from Kildare. Hope to see you all on Saturday nice and early (12.45) for the Swansea game.

Report by Brian Madden.


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