Dublin Hammers Meetings - Season 2010-2011

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 31st May 2011


And so ends a season of contrasts... on the pitch, the players representing west ham have been... to say the least poor and they deserved to be relegated!

While as a supporters club, the dublin hammers have certainly taken a massive step up! This was illustrated by the best turn out of members at an AGM for many a year!

This was down to the efforts of both the comittee and the 20th anniversary sub-comittee, the club secretary in his address gave high praise to all those members involved. In fact, when the voting for the new comittee was completed 2 members of the sub-comittee became part of comittee for next season. We also now have a travel secretary again! So next season the line up will be... Chairman: Eddie, Secreatry: Liam, Treasurer: Jim, Members: Tim and Brian and Travel Sec: Josh.

Main issue of the meeting concerned the season tickets, it was decided not to re-new them for next season. Two reasons, 1. we lost money over the last two seasons, and 2. it was agreed that next season we would not have much trouble getting tickets!

After the final whistle, members hung around for a few pints. Have a good summer!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 2nd May 2011


A merry band of dublin hammers gathered for this must win game against fellow strugglers blackburn rovers. And guess what the commentators said… "it looks like west ham are playing an end of season, with nothing to play for game"… here we go again, just like man city last week, 15 minutes into the game and we are a goal down… no passion… upton park like a library… "the crowd need to get behind the team"… sorry but show us some desire to play in claret and blue and we'll cheer you to hell and back, but this was pathetic.

Congratulations to robbie keane on wasting a hat-trick of goal scoring opportunities, clean through at chelsea, clean through at man city… but his miss in extra time today was just… as my kids would say… "FAIL"!

If he did what he is being well paid for, we would maybe have got a point at man city and 3 points today. Then I got to thinking that maybe robbie does not really want to play for west ham next season… well mr keen, it's ok to score the goals that keep us up and then leave the club… believe me, probably 99.9% of us would want you to go anyway.

The camera panned to mr gold sitting in the posh seats… (isn't his misses fit or what) shaking his head at the poor way the team were performing… sorry, but isn't it down to you to sort the club out. I had great expectations that when gold, sullivan and brady came to club that at last the business side of west ham, which has always been our achilles heal, would be sorted… but no, its got worse. The debacle over Martin O'Niell as our new manager was a shambles and the constant media sound bites are not inspiring to say the least.

Then theres Average Grant… recently I have been involved with managing a girls under 13's team, the one thing I have learned very quickly is that the players need to know what they are supposed to be doing, get them in the right frame of mind before the game starts… is grant doing this? don't think so.

As you have maybe guessed, I have written this report when slightly worse for wear. To only start really getting into the opposition with 15 minutes to go is not good enough, I genuinely think if we had really gone at blackburn from the off we would have won comfortably, instead we are rueing yet another keane miss and staring relegation full in the face.

What utter bollocks… they don't deserve us…

PS. When I got home, my misses said that a chap calling himself "Will" who professed to be a Dublin Hammer was on the Today FM footy phone-in slagging Grant… Will.. .anyone know a Will?

One things for sure… there ain't no f**kin will at west ham about now!

Make mine a large one… Good nite!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 2nd May 2011


Another good turn out for West Ham's latest whopping! The first 15 minutes were a shambles as Manchester City were allowed to pass the ball around at will. Green made a good save, but all too soon we were 2-0 down and an air of resignation descended on the room.

At that point the hammers woke-up and started to fight back... keane was put clean through... and guess what, just like at chelsea last week, he missed it... to howls of derision from the assembled members! Harrys must he laughing his head off... it will be a bitter sweet feeling if by some miricle we stay up and have to buy that migit!

We kept up the pressure and shortly after Keane's miss, Demba Ba scored! Half time came and we were optimistic that a draw might be possible?

The second half saw City come at West Ham again, we rode our luck as Bolloxtelli missed a couple of good chances. We huffed and puffed, but the equaliser never came. So rooted to the bottom with 3 games to go and left wondering 'why oh why' did we let them go two up before we started to play?

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 23rd April 2011


On a beautiful sunny easter Saturday, I wondered if the choice of watching the hammers get stuffed or enjoying the weather would result in a poor attendance for this meeting… I couldn't have been more wrong! The good turn out of members were in a good mood, with plenty of chat about last Saturdays 20th Anniversary celebrations.

The match began in pouring rain and for the first 15 minutes we didn't get out of our half, they peppered us with shots and Rob Green made an excellent save, it looked like we were in for a humiliating defeat, however as the half wore on West Ham came back into the game and started to make a few chances, Sears had an effort cleared of the line and Cech tipped a shot over the bar. Then just before half time, against the run of play, they cut through us and Lampard slammed the ball high into the net…

Again we were under the kosh at the start of the second half, but we came back into it, Robbie Keane came on, and soon fired over after being put clean through.

The noise levels increased as members urged the Hammers on, then just as Fran and myself agreed that we "had a good feeling that we might get something out of this"… they scored again.

We knew it would happen… and of course it did… the second goal was closely followed by the third… scored by… yes… Torres. A 3-0 defeat was no surprise, but the way we played, 2-1 would have been more like it… so, rock bottom with 4 to play!

Over the years I have found that following West Ham is mostly about the people around you… the rallying post on our new Facebook page said it all… "Come on Dublin Hammers, lets be 'aving ya, where are ya. Brannigan's is calling. We might be on the way down but we can still have a party"

Dublin Hammers 20th Anniversary Dinner & Dance - 16th April 2011

Link to report and photos on the Galleries page.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 19th March 2011


Well it was an early kick off, West Ham at the Lane to play the Spuds, who only 24 hours earlier had drawn Real Madrid in the Champion’s League.

The Hammer’s lined up with no Keane or Piquionne, so Gary O’Neil gets a start. The early start saw a lot of members not making this meeting we couldn't even fill a spot the ball, however we did manage to fill it in the end with Pat McNamara winning it.

From the start the Spud’s where all over us, with Dawson hitting the cross bar and both Modric and Defoe going close. Liam made the comment it was going to be a long match, hoping that the little ***** Defoe would not score, just then the camera zoomed in on his shirt and you could see 100 on his top underneath. Well that was it we don’t want to lose the match, but if they (The Spud’s) do score, it better not be him... we all would have hated to see him run around with his shirt up to show the 100th goal and celebrate in front of the West Ham fans.

West Ham started to come back into the game, Ba played a cracking ball that split the Spur’s defence for Cole to run into the box only to kick the ball straight at Gomes, queue the moans and groans. The Hammers were holding their own... just about, Harry swapped Bale onto the right side with Lennon coming over to the left. It seemed that Spur’s had targeted Bridge as our weak link, but he stood tall and went on to win man of the match.

Half time saw us well happy with the score at 0-0, if only Cole had put his chance away, but West Ham were getting back into the game. Liam took the floor to tell us the next meeting is in two weeks v Man U.

The second half saw Lennon hit the post, Noble’s over head kick and Gomes pull off a great save from Ba. But it was Rob Green with two magnificent save’s that kept West Ham in the game. The first was when Defoe got the ball in the box his shot was only kept out by Green’s out stretched leg. The second, a free kick on the right side, Bale stepped up and bent a left-footed shot destined for the top corner that Green somehow tipped onto the crossbar. The ball dropped down and Jacobsen hooked clear, relief all round. Liam made the comment the club should invest in a defibrillator as none of us are getting any younger.

The forth official held up the board four minutes added on, Gerry Nolan was holding on tight to his wife’s tablets as some members needed something to claim their nerves. The final whistle and the game ends in a 0-0 draw and the Hammers out of the bottom 3, well done lads. The best comment I heard was from Gary after the match when he tried to convince some members that Christen Bale didn't have a great game... but I didn’t see Batman on the pitch?

Can I end this report by asking any members that still have not paid for the Dinner & Dance tickets on the 16th of April can you please settle up soon as the hotel needs numbers and payment. Hope to see you all for the Man U game.

Report by Brian Madden.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 3rd March 2011


Our 20th Anniversary Quiz Night proved to be a huge success. A great attendance saw a more competitive edge to the quiz than previous nights! Quizmaster as ever was the President himself, Fran Ryan who was “assisted” by Liamo, who ensured that we all handed up our answers on time – he rang his "little bell" for all to hear.

Fran had put together a terrific set of questions that quickly sorted the “Do knows” from the “Don’t knows”! Fran, being the diplomat that he is, sympathised with the “Don’t knows” as he told them that “the questions didn’t really suit you today” – unlike Liamo, who as ever called out the wrong answers and the table numbers responsible for all to ridicule – some things never change!!

During the break in the quiz, Timmy Lloyd had us all reveal our innermost thoughts on life as a Dublin Hammer for a piece he is putting together for the Dinner Dance in April – judging from the interviews it promises to be hilarious!

Onto the quiz itself. A bunch of lads from Molloys pub around the corner won it – they had the look of Quiz Bandits (or Civil Servants!). The Simpsons was won by Brendan Wade’s team who naturally enough were serenaded by the whole room. My own team were disqualified going into the last round following two yellow cards! "That’s the last time I’ll load my team with Shamrock Rovers fans – they’d argue with themselves!"

Suffice to say, everyone had a great night. Funniest answer was probably Jim Corr being mistaken for Ian Holloway or Alan Minter.

Thanks must go to all who helped in organising the event. John Thompson for the runners up and Simpsons prizes, Quizmaster extraordinaire Fran, his assistant Liam, Brannigans Bar and most of all to all those who attended and made it a night to remember.

Finally, a thank you to the lads from Molloys, the quiz winners, who gave back the €100 prize money as soon as they received it – done quietly as there was no announcement of it on the night.

Report by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 27th February 2011


While travelling in to watch this game I got the news that Stevie G was back for the Pool. Based on previous games where Stevie has toyed with the Hammers I wasn’t optimistic at all – perhaps Liamo is starting to rub off on me. Brian Madden’s comment that if we win by a 3 goal margin we’re out of the relegation zone had me questioning when he last took a drugs test! As it transpired we were unlucky not to do just that and I honestly thought that if we had made the change up front earlier we could have kept a clean sheet.

Anyway, a great gang in for the game – despite a lot of regulars being at the game itself – saw us start reasonably well and when Parker scored a wonderful goal on 20 minutes the game turned in our favour. The Hammers battled in midfield like never before as Stevie G was a mere spectator all afternoon. Adding a second goal on the stroke of half time saw us go wild.

The sandwiches (two plate fulls I might add) arrived and were scoffed quickly. Brian informed all that the 20th Dinner Dance is now sold out and looked forward to a big attendance at the quiz on Thursday night. I sold the Spot the Ball and still failed to win! Gary won part of his bets with a WHU lead at half time.

The second half saw us tire in the middle and especially upfront where Ba looked exhausted as the game went on and it allowed the Pool more attacking options. Green pulled off a few terrific saves but we all felt that there was a goal coming. As I said I think if we had brought Cole on after 75 minutes for Ba we may have pushed the Pool back and given our defence a chance.

With 6 minutes left Liverpool scored following a defensive mix up and we were then under the cosh. Most thought that we would concede again to draw, but up stepped Cole, on for the last few minutes, to strike an unstoppable shot past Reina to give us a well deserved victory. We all leapt for joy at the strike and we can only imagine how Jimmy, Dessie etc were in the UK – Liamo was probably still giving out about conceding the goal!!

It was a terrific result and Scott Parker’s performance is starting to place him in the same legend arena as the West Ham greats of Moore, Brooking, Bonds, Dicks, Di Canio and the others.

Report by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 21st February 2011

WEST HAM 5 vs BURNLEY 1. FA Cup 5th Round.

The jokes were flying before a ball was even kicked – rumours that Bennie McCarthy was going to start but had a dead leg, developed into him not having finished his dinner, and the dead leg being a leg of lamb!

Thomas Hitzlsperger did start his first game since joining us in July 2010 to great cheers. Talk that Gary’s myriad of bets was going to include him as a goalscorer were quickly dispelled when he couldn’t spell his name properly on the betting slip and opted for Ba instead.

Anyway the first half saw Burnley take the initiative and create the better chances and, but for some superb stops, one double save in particular by Green, we could have been a couple of goals down by 20 minutes. Then up steps Hitzlsperger to strike an unstoppable shot into the roof of the net... cue mayhem among the assembled throng!! After that we expected West Ham to push on and bury the game but within 10 minutes we were back to be very pedestrian in our play.

Half time and a free trip draw following an administrative cock up by Jimmy and the name out of the hat is... Gary Purdy!!! There was a loud cheer as his name was read out and pubs and clubs in the Barking area were put on alert and a phone call to the off licence across the road from the Wakeful was made. Liamo threatened all in attendance to turn up to see the Liverpool game as a number of regulars were making the pilgrimage to the game, the President addressed the crowd on developments for our 20th, and Liamo forgot to get the sambos until the start of the 2nd half.

And what a second half it was. A through ball to Cole, who was offside, his first touch was very good, his second touch disastrous, he falls over the keeper, handles the ball and as we all scream “Ah ya stupid... Yesssss!” he somehow managed to poke the ball home.

Two minutes later Cole scores his second with a superb half volley (he didn’t have time to think, which always helps!). We’re coasting and Burnley are starting to fall apart. Winston Reid scores from a corner and Gary starts to hope Burnley score so a least one of his bets comes up (West Ham to win 4-1, he tore up the West Ham to win 2-1 earlier). Green and Bridge help Gary out by combining to gift Burney a goal. Shouts of “park the bus in front of the goal” ring out as we get nervous about a Burnley comeback – it’s happened before!!!

Time is just up and Gary is celebrating a free trip win and a 4-1 win with the bookies and Freddie Sears goes and ruins his night by scoring a 5th goal. What Sears was still doing out at this hour of the night we’ll never know, but we bet Mrs Sears wasn’t pleased to see him out with the lads and it past his bedtime!

A great night out, next round against Stoke and a positive vibe for the game against Liverpool.

Report by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 6th February 2011


A good turnout for the game saw us hit rock bottom yet again! As the president said, there was a lot of tension in the room. We were not sure if that was because of the match or the free trip draws!

Anyway, onto the game, we lose Tompkins (who has been in great form) in the warm up and he’s replaced by Upson who gets injured after 35 mins. Not ideal losing two centre halves against a “ball in the air” team like Birmingham. Their 19’6” striker who doesn’t possess feet caused us a few problems but they were dealt with. Up front, Piquionne and Keane weren’t on the same wavelength and we should have scored from some decent crosses for a change. Three handballs in the area denied us three penos (I don’t care what you say – they would have been given at Old Trafford!!).

Halftime and we are struggling to make an impact, Da Costa is warming up so we know we’ll be in trouble having to replace another centre half. The sandwiches arrive and are scoffed.

The moment that may have caused the earlier tension arrives... the free trip draws. Three are up for grabs. Silence descends as the names are drawn out by Ailish (you’re on Winning Streak!!) and the winners are Timmy Lloyd (who took mine), Gerry Nolan and Peter Grogan. Congrats to all of you and enjoy the trip.

The President informs us all that tickets for the 20th are nearly sold out, already!! If you haven’t booked – get in now! The Quiz night to fundraise for our 20th takes place on Thursday, 3rd March. Table of 4 for €40. Get as many tables as possible and make it a night to remember (the answers that is!).

Who says romance is dead! Jimmy Conway’s daughter met her first boyfriend at this meeting and we’re all looking forward to the big day out... in about 20 years!

Second half, we don’t make any impact on the game and the only strikes of note are by newboy, Ba as he rattles the upright and a long range one from Da Costa (who played well when he came on). Then as expected, Noble concedes a stupid foul and the resultant free kick sees their beanpole score a header. We decide to launch balls forward to no avail – I can’t understand this tactic of playing high balls to a team that base their football philosophy on the long ball – you should be playing it on the ground all the time.

We lose 1-0... I don’t think I have ever been as depressed after a game... we look finished, but I hope I’m wrong!

Report by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 26th January 2011

BIRMINGHAM CITY 3 vs WEST HAM 1. Carling Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg. (agg: whufc 3-4 bcfc).

A night that could have seen West Ham back at Wembley for the first time in thirty years.

This meeting was a well attended one which saw West Ham come flying out of the traps. A five man midfield and Cole up front. The Hammers had a host of chances to take the lead and it was a Cole wonder goal that put the Irons one nil up.

For all their huff and puff Birmingham did not really manage to put West Ham under any real pressure.

Half time and Liam takes the floor to tell us of the last game of the season against Sunderland, a tricky enough trip when booking our flights, flying to and from two different airports, but well explained by Liamo.

Next to take the floor was Fran to update us on the up coming dinner and dance with tickets available for both the function and the signed framed photo of the 1980 FA cup winning team selling well on the night, so don’t be left out hurry up and get yours soon.

Ok back to the match, well, I’m following West Ham 36 years now and I know with West Ham you don't take anything for granted, we are 3-1 up on aggregate in the tie and Birmingham need 2 to bring it to extra time and 3 to win it... and that’s just what happened. I could go on to tell you all about it, but the majority of you were there with me and saw it all going 'pear shaped' so I won’t put you through it again!

I stood with my father in Wembley back in 1981 when we played Liverpool in the league cup final, how I’d love to see some of our present team play with the same passion as they did so many years ago. I hope in the next few years to see the Hammers play at Wembley again and hopefully not in a play off final.

Report by Brian Madden.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 15th January 2011


With the cup matches out of the way, it was back to Premier League business. How long West Ham will stay in this league is maybe only a matter of time. The turn out for this meeting was a bit better than midweek with 20 plus members showing up. The talk was not of the missing players, such as Parker, Piquionne and Obinna, more of will Avram Grant be in charge of our next match.

The talk in the papers that morning was of Martin O'Neill returning from self-imposed exile to save us. But on today's showing he would have a big job on his hands should he decide to join us.

The match itself was one of sloppy West Ham defending, with all 3 goals being made from our left side, Arsenal's right. This was due to our new recruit Wayne Bridge. Bridge who joined on loan from Man City at a reported £90,000 a week was lacking in any defensive ability.

The first Arsenal goal came in the 13th minute, a cross into the box from the West Ham’s left by Walcott... Van Persie was on hand to put it away. With 20 minutes gone Noble was substituted with Boa Morte replacing him. From then on the match seemed to be an up hill task!

Four minutes before the break Van Persie returned the favour for Walcott, cutting the ball in from the bye line, Wayne Bridge failed to deal with the advancing Walcott who simply slipped his marker to rifle home.

Half time: Sandwiches and chat with Fran Ryan taking the floor to tell our members about the dinner and dance being held on the 16th April for our 20th Anniversary. The sub committee have also purchased a framed signed photo of the 1980 FA Cup winning team which will be raffled on the night.  Details to be posted soon on the Dublin Hammers website.

The second half started off as the first ended, with Arsenal taking control, when their third goal came in the 77 minute, a peno! Wayne Bridge again was at fault taking Walcott down in the box. Van Persie made it 3 - 0 from the spot, game over.

At the final whistle Grant stood at the side line and shook every West Ham players hand as they left the pitch. He then turned to the fans and applauded them throwing his scarf into the crowd. Was this the last game in charge for Grant?? Who knows?? Maybe the owners should have got rid of him before January and not drag this situation on through the press.

Report by Brian Madden.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 11th January 2011

WEST HAM 2 vs BIRMINGHAM CITY 1. Carling Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg.

The night started off early for both the committee and sub committee who where working very hard to get things rolling for our 20th anniversary get together. As the time drew nearer to the match we where joined by about 10 to 12 more Dublin Hammers not a great turn out for a semi final, the fact the match was on BBC 2 might have kept some members away.

The match started off well with West Ham taking the match to Birmingham. The West Ham line up was again a bit odd with Upson at left back and Winston Reid in the heart of defence and Spector up front playing behind Piquionne in a 4-4-1-1 formation. Freddie Sears and Upson had half chances before a Mark Noble ball in from the right was not cleared, Jonathan Spector's volley flew across goal from the left and fell beautifully for Noble to thump a volley in at Foster's near post from a seemingly impossible angle, one nil to the Irons. Our members were happy, the fans at the match where happy the West Ham bench was happy, Avram Grant was stone faced somebody give him a chill pill.

West Ham went on to dominate the first half and Fran Ryan was getting his pints sent up to him in the service lift, a good night so far. Half time and sambos all round well one each but much appreciated.

Second half and it was Birmingham's turn to take the game to West ham. Birmingham got a corner and Freddie Sears takes up a position at the back post with one member asking what the hell is Sears doing there? he's too small... ok it was me. Then when Cameron Jerome's header was cleared off the line by Sears, the rest of the Dublin Hammers told me that's what he's doing there... queue the laughter after that statement.

West Ham were not so lucky at the next corner with Ridgewell beating Reid to a header in the box to make it one all. The next talking point, a West Ham throw, Faubert takes the throw, just then Obinna kicks his leg backwards and catches Larsson in the privates... red card... Obinna off.

Birmingham were now on top with 75 minutes gone, and then the call came from Freddie Sears mam to say "he had to come home, as he was up early for school in the morning"... another witty statement from one of our members. Off go Piquionne and Sears and on come Cole and Hines.

In the 78th minute a goal, it was a lovely build up, Parker slid Spector in down the right and he crossed the ball for Cole to hit a tame shot... only for Foster to let it slip under his out stretched leg (or so I was told as I was in the loo and missed the goal!).

A good night had by all, hope to see you all again on Saturday for the Arsenal game.

Report by Brian Madden.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 5th December 2010


Well this meeting was absolutely 'heaving' compared to last week! And at kick-off members were calling for '3 in-a-row', unfortunately it wasn't to be!

With Jonathan Spector continuing his role in midfield we spend most of the first half defending, however unlike previous games this season we looked somewhat more resolute... is this the 'wally factor'? Eventually we did concede, which was disappointing after defending so well. We could have equalised, but Cole's shot skimmed the bottom of the post and went wide.

Did anyone actually see the sandwiches... with members in the kind of form that would put Usain Bolt to shame the sandwiches disappeared in record time!

And so to the second half... we started brightly and made a couple of half chances before Sunderland got going again. As the game wore on we looked more and more feckless... as one member remarked... why was Obina on the right wing after making four goals in the week from the left? Is this the 'wally factor' or a slugsworth master class in confusing the opposition? It certainly confused Obina, very poor distribution of the ball whenever we broke.

A shame to lose, as with better finishing (like hitting the target), thought we were good enough for a draw.

Great to see everyone, good meeting, plenty of wise cracks as usual... and with special guest star 'Charlie' making a welcome appearance, it was an enjoyable few hours.

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 30th November 2010

WEST HAM 4 - MANCHESTER UTD 0. Carling Cup Quarter Final.

It was the night of the famous 5... The 5 that turned up to watch the game that is!

On a night that saw poor weather conditions in Dublin, only Liam McDonagh, Dave Reid, Brendan, Laura Wade and myself were in attendance to witness an unbelievable result unfold. In years to come, this night in Brannigans will be like the U2 gigs in Dandelion Market, with hundreds claiming there were in attendance. Liam had brought two Spot the Balls in the expectation of a large turnout.

Anyway, on to the match, when we saw the midfield with Spector in the middle we were worried, when we saw that 'Big Carlt' was upfront, we were very worried.

But both of these players turned in performances that surprised everyone. We wondered what odds Paddy Power would have given on Spector scoring at all, never mind two goals. He worked his socks off in the first half and deserved the two goals after the offside decision went against us.

Obinna also terrorised the Da Silva twins throughout, and turned in his best performance to date. Man Ure looked rattled throughout and the Irons fought for every ball over the 90 minutes. 2-0 at halftime and we were shell shocked.

Thoughts of “we’ll lose this 3-2” flashed through our heads. Liamo did a great impression of Liamo at halftime that brought our spirits up, we didn’t sell any Spot the Balls and we reckon a member of the bar staff ran off with the sambos!

2nd half and Man Ure pick it up a bit, but we match them everywhere. In defence we get the tackles and blocks in, and keep them at bay. Rob Green tries to give them a chance by kicking the ball straight to one of their players, but manages to make amends. Then up steps 'Big Carlt'... The centre forward that hasn’t scored two goals in a game for eight years... the man that can’t direct a header... puts one in the back of the net... with his head.

We went ballistic (all five of us), then he turns perfectly in the box and scores another! We’re in Heaven – cries of “Fergie, Fergie, what’s the score” rang out. The Man Ure fans start leaving early to begin their long arduous journey back to Watford and Reading. As for us, we went downstairs to dish it out to Billy the Man Ure fan (for a change!).

the carling cup four

Above; Four of the infamous 'Carling Cup 5.

Report and photograph by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 20th November 2010


Liverpool away, what could we expect? Well, the Pool aren't doing great, no Gerard, and they where beaten by Stoke last week. Maybe a draw? We nearly got one at the Emirates... and then the team news... no Parker and in the middle Kovac and Boa Morte with Cole up front. The grim reaper played five across the middle with Piquionne and Obinna on the wings, enough said, by half time it was 3-0.

The meeting it self was a good one, with members recalling last weeks trip to the Blackpool game, another one we could have, and maybe should have won! The meeting was well attended, with some new faces in the crowd.

Back to the second half, Barrera came on for Obinna, but with no Parker on the pitch we couldn't expect anyone to push forward... and no one did! We were lucky to end the match 3-0, I have to say I can't see where the next win is coming from.

On a low note Boa Morte played the full 90 and Benny came on for the second week in a row. Roll on Wigan and Man U.

Report by Brian Madden.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 23rd October 2010


First meeting I have managed to attend for a while, arrived late to find we were 1-0 up. Carlton Cole's season opener (about time too!). However I'd only been in the pub 2 minutes when Newcastle scored the equaliser.

What I and everyone else in the well attended meeting witnessed from there on was... well... shite! I think we made 2 half chances for the rest of the game. Newcastle's winning goal came as the 2 hammers defenders attempted to step up and catch Carroll off-side, Carroll avoided the trap and calmly headed in the cross totally unchallenged!

Very disappointing, thought we had maybe turned the corner. A win would have moved us up to mid table, instead we are still bottom, with a gap starting to open up above us.

Away from the football, the usual craic was good and it was good to see everyone.

With West Ham being shown more and more often at Brannigans, the popular quiz nights have taken a back seat, with present hammers performances in mind, perhaps the committee will get a quiz on the go during the next televised match, at least we would be entertained for a change!

Report by Paul Smith.

Dublin Hammer Meeting - 25th September 2010


Just a quick line to say "Thanks for the hospitality on Saturday", we were over as part of my son's stag weekend, I have attached a photo for the gallery, hope to see you at Blackpool!


Email sent to the club from fellow West Ham supporters visiting Dublin for the weekend.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 28th August 2010


This is the sort of game that Nani and Berbatov love. An easy afternoon with the world watching against a team that couldn’t defend to save its life and better still we make it easier for them by throwing Spector in at right full!

Anyway a reasonable crowd turned up expecting the worst - the President called for a campaign of “SOS” (Stamp out Sarcasm) from the members. Gary hid behind the flag believing it would make the game seem better, the rest of us looked nervously at the screens.

First half and we huff and puff, see lots of the ball but fail to make any kind of impact. Dyer got through once or twice and we all held our breath as we contemplated a hamstring injury for him but thankfully he came through with none to report (unless he pulled something in the shower afterwards!).

And then it happened, we knew that Giggs would make a show of Spector and sure enough down he goes in the area and wins a peno. Up steps Rooney and following a promise from Fergie that if he scores he’ll be allowed go to the Grab a Granny Disco later, he puts them 1-0 up.

Half time and the sandwiches arrive, Fran decides to wait for the chicken wings but is left disappointed and hungry. Gerry Nolan sells the Spot the Balls and manages to win the first one himself – very dodgy that! Talk of the first half is reasonably positive but we are all too aware of WHUs previous record in these games.

Second half kicks off, nobody kicks Nani and the ponce waltzes past our 10 outfield players and 4 of the subs on the bench before planting the ball past Greene – expect to see this goal replayed forever. It can only get worse as United decide to toy with us and eventually let Berbatov score at the far post – a volley where he had enough time to fix his hair before shooting.

The only thing left was to crack jokes at some of the inept performances and look forward to Chelsea at home in two weeks. Best joke was from Fran – a shout from Fergie “Berbatov get warmed up… your’re coming off!”

Report by Gerry Murtagh.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 14th August 2010


The start of a season always brings new hope, and as the seasons opener to Aston Villa began, a strong turn out of Dublin Hammers were in good form, looking forward to seeing a west ham team with a few new faces and a new manager make a good start... errrrmmm...

15 minutes into the first half we were all looking around at each other with that 'here we go again' expression. Boa Morte... why? Kovac... why? We were lucky to only have been 2 nil down at half time.

Thankfully Grant took both Boa Morte and Kovac off at the break, and we started the second half with gusto, we even made a great chance, but then Faubert shot weakly and the come back faded away as villa scored again. In fact it could have been 6-0 had it not been for the woodwork!

Nice to see everyone again after the summer break, shame it was such a disappointing start, could be a long season!

Report by Paul Smith.

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