Dublin Hammers - Club Meetings 2005 - 2006

Dublin Hammers AGM

A well attended, positive AGM. The new committee was voted in, but the main topic was weather or not we should get a season ticket for use by club memebers... and low and behold it was voted in. Details are yet to be finalised

The vote for Dublin Hammer of the Year was taken and won by Danny Gabbidon.

Enjoy the summer

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 13th May, 2006

LIVERPOOL 3 vs WEST HAM 3. aet. Liverpool win peanlty shoot-out!

"After the non-event of last year, the FA Cup was redeemed with its best final of modern times"
"Not since 1953, and the sepia tinted Matthews final, has there been an epic quite like it" "The 125th Cup Final is destined to rank along side the greatest ever played" "For West Ham, a stirring performance deserved more than a supporting role"
"I hope everyone associated with West Ham United are very proud"
These are all newspaper quotes from the aftermarth of yesterday's game! And what a game it was...

Dublin hammers members arrived early to enjoy the pre-match build up, and by 2.45pm the place was packed.
As the game started no-one could have foreseen the roller-coaster ride that lay ahead, and after 20 minutes the game exploded to life after Aston's ball split the Liverpool defence wide open, and as the ball was crossed low and hard into the area, Jamie Carragher diverted the ball into his own net... que dublin hammers mayhem! Then a few minutes later Etherington's shot was droppped by the Liverpool keeper, and Aston was at hand to tap the ball into the net... 2-0! And more mayhem as drinks went this way and that! Somewhat wetter we settled down with high hopes!

Liverpool's only threat was Gerrard, and sure enough he put a lovely cross over and Cisse buried it with a smart finish.

So at half time we were leading 2-1 and everyone tucked into the food with great gusto, I've never seen the food disappear so quickly! (suspect it had something to do with the visiting mickey mousers, famous for helping themselves!).

With the second half barely under way we had another glorious chance to score, but a double save by Jose Reina saved the scousers! Git! As the half progressed Liverpool pushed forward more and more, and then from a half-chance Gerrard burried the ball into the top corner of our net with great gusto!

So, 2-2 then. For a while it was end to end, then Paul Konchesky got the ball on the left and swung in a cross (it had to be a cross?), that deceived Reina and nestled sweetly into the top corner of the Liverpool goal... 3-2... que total mayhem, we went bloody mad!

With the clock ticking down we started to believe that it was going to be our day. The ref had just signalled for 4 minutes extra time, it was the 90th minute, we were looking comfortable... a poor clearance fell to Gerrard, and from half way into our half he hit a shot that flew into the bottom corner, leaving Hislop no chance... another bloody wonder goal to save the scouse again!

3-3 at full-time then. With the TV panal waxing lyrical over the action we entered into extra-time. To be fair, the first half was one-way traffic as we started to look tired, but as the time in the second period started to run out, we started going at then again. Reo-Coker shot and Benitez pulled off a stunning save to push the ball onto the post... Harewood (who could hardly walk, due to a bad tackle a few minutes earlier) tried in vain to direct the re-bound into the net, but it went wide... feck!... and so 3-3 at full time and into the lottery of penalties... Both teams missed one each, before Anton Ferdinand, having to score to keep us in contention had his shot saved... and it was all over!

Have to say, very proud to be West Ham. No shame. We gave em a game, we never gave up, and but for Gerrard it could have been a very different story! My one fear before the game was the thought that we wouldn't 'show up' on the day, and be humiliated. No worries there. West Ham were a credit to themselves, the fans and the competition! There's a few smug liverpool fans around at present, don't let them fool you... they were sweating!

Thanks to all members for making the occasion so special, the singing didn't stop from start to finish, and the delight on the faces as we celebrated our three goals was something special. Hold your head high... we are West Ham! I liked what Pardew had to say in the after match interview... "The first trophy is always the hardest to win, we have some good players and with a little extra I think we can start to push the big boys". I'll drink to that... Roll on next season... Come on you Irons!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 1st May, 2006

WBA 0 vs WEST HAM 1.

It's amazing what a good season can do for morale... A boisterous and noisy meeting saw a good win for the Hammers. A well struck goal from Reo-Coker after a mazy run from BobbyZ gave us the three points and raised the noise level up another few notches. West Brom had a few chances, but thankfully they were too crap to take them. Plenty of chat about tickets for the final (I got offered one today... 650 sterling for behind the goal, 750 sterling for the side... what a piss take!), plenty of songs and wise-cracks kept the noise levels up until the end. Thank you to the committee for the free Dublin Hammers Polo Shirts, Nice One!

See you on the 13th... Come early... the 30 new members who showed for the semi may well be back!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 23rd April, 2006

MIDDLESBOROUGH 0 vs WEST HAM 1. FA Cup Semi-Final (Villa Park)

What a meeting! What a day! What a result! I thought get there a bit early today, could be busy... could be... the place was feckin' heaving! Some members had made the effort to put up flags and claret & blue balloons and by kick-off the atmosphere was electric! The first half was pretty awful from our point of view, Boro made all the chances, and with an extra man in midfield, we were struggling to hang on to the ball. In fact I think we only had one shot on goal? Thankfully half time found us still in the game at 0-0. Cue GIANT GRUB UP!, sandwiches, chip, sauages, chicken wings... buckets of it! Well done to the Committee!

In the first 10 minutes of the second half, we had more possession and chances than the entire first half! The tension mounted as the game entered the last 15 minutes with the score still locked at 0-0. Then it happened! Reo-Coker passed to Harewood inside the area, he turned and launched a missile of a shot into the Boro net... Cue total mayhem as table, chairs and the odd glass went flying! It was a super goal, such was the power of the shot that the boro keeper didn't stand a chance of saving it!

With 10 minutes to go, we resorted to the usual nail-biting, goal mouth scrambling nightmare... boro should have scored... To get through the 5 minutes of extra time members sang a rousing rendition of "Johnny Lyall's Claret and Blue Army" with each side of the room taking it turns... a memorable moment. And then the final whistle went and the party started!

A great afternoon, plenty of singing of bubbles, not to mention a few classic songs dating back to the late 70s (yes, some of us can remember back that far!). Best quote of the day came as one long-standing member was on the mobile to his wife, "I take it you won" she said... "see you tomorrow" he said!" Great meeting... Bring on the Scouse!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 9th April, 2006


It was a day of mixed emotions. We arrived in a nervous state, remembering the hiding we got last time we played Chelsea. We were overjoyed as we watched Collins put the ball in the net and shortly afterwards thought that things couldn’t get any better as Maniche was shown the red card. A rendition of “Blue Flag” and where it can be inserted resounded in the pub.

The joy turned to sorrow as we watched Chelsea go 2-1 up within the space of two minutes. We all felt rather subdued at halftime – not even my Spot the Ball win could raise the spirits (I knew Forest would win at some stage!).

Cries of bring back Maniche, they were crap while he was on the pitch rang out as the second half got underway. Pardew tried to force the game with our numerical advantage but credit to Chelsea, and Drogba who worked his socks off, they were just too good and the inevitable happened as they scored their third goal. It was now time to feel despair as a rampant Chelsea made us look like a third rate side. Our midfield never got a tackle in, our defence was overrun and Shaky was slow to come and claim the ball. Upfront we never got a touch and on 70 minutes Chelsea scored a fourth to leave us all feeling desolate. As the song says “Things can only get Better”, they certainly couldn't get worse!

Many thanks to Gerry M for taking the time and trouble to send this report in!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 20th March, 2006


Great meeting, somewhat sparse with many members opting to stay at home for a 'prawn bagel' or two, but those that made the effort where rewarded with a good night and the right result. I thought it was a fine all round performance, with Reo-Coker outstanding, and of course, Deano taking his two opportunities with style!

First half was even until a sweet exchange of passes put Aston through, and his shot beat James at the near post... que Dublin Hammers mayhem! Then Konchesky headed off the line and it was half time and sandwiches. They came at us at the beginning of the second half, but we were soon giving as good as we got. Then Reo-Coker robbed a city player and fed Benayoun, whose cross was neatly put away by Aston. More mayhem! Things were cruising along nicely until city scored with a scorching volley. Then it was the usual 10 minutes of hanging on as city threw the kitchen sink, but it wasn't to be and Hammers are in the Semi-finals! Great night, plenty of noise and laughs!

West Ham vs Charlton or Boro on friday please!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 15th March, 2006

WEST HAM 2 vs BOLTON 1. a.e.t.

A reasonable turnout saw the Hammers progress to the semi finals of the FA Cup. Spirits and expectations were high as the assembled fans felt we had a good chance of seeing off Bolton.

The opener came out of the blue as Harewood sent in a low cross from the right to nobody but Jaaskelainen made a mess of coming for the ball and Hunt in an effort to clear hit the keeper with the ball and it hit the back of the net. Lots of jumping about and shouts of “Can we sign you as centre forward next season” rang out from all in attendance. It settled into the usual game of heart stopping moments as Bolton looked for the equaliser. They got the goal on the half hour when Davies hit a cracker from 20 yards to beat Hislop. The half time grub was served (thanks to Brannigans!), spot the balls were sold (good man Dessie) and discussions were had on the previous 45 minutes.

The second half saw both sides up the tempo and either team could have wrapped it up but for some solid defending on both sides. Extra time beckoned and it was Big Marlene who stepped up to the mark again for us to score from close range. As we all jumped up and down we knew that it was going to be the deciding goal in the game. There were cries of terror as Pardew introduced Dailly but thankfully he kept him away from the defence. The Hammers should have scored with minutes remaining as Zamora headed over from 6 yards. In the end the miss didn’t matter and shouts of “It’s destiny! 3 years on the trot in Cardiff” rang out from the crowd. A great night to be a Dublin Hammer.

Many thanks to Gerry M for taking the time and trouble to send this report in!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 11th March, 2006


With most members opting to stay at home, the brave few who turned out were rewarded with an absolute pile of crap! To begin with Pardew's team selection was somewhat baffling? (why did he not play our best 11?, ha, a ploy to confuse Bolton ahead of wednesday? what bollox, and what if we lose in the cup?... utter crap). The first half just went from bad to worse, and at the break we were 3-0 down. Thankfully the second half proved to be better (it would'nt have been hard!) and we did have a sheringham goal to cheer, but by then it was much to late for any serious celebration!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 13th February, 2006.


A well attened meeting saw the Hammers cruise past Birmingham to their 7th succesive win, a feat last achieved 10 years ago! In the first 15 minutes we played some great football and got our reward when Harewood put us one up with a 'rocket' of a shot! After that the game became somewhat scrappy as Birmingham battled in vain to get back into the match.

After the break we stepped up the pressure and it wasn't long before we got a penalty. Harewood scored after his initial shot had been saved. A few minutes later it was all over as another cross went into the Birmingham area and Dean Aston had the easy task of putting the ball into the net.

A good meeting with the usual wise cracks, not as rowdy as the Fulham meeting, but it had warmed up nicely by the end of the evening. So another fine night watching the Hammers. Long may it continue!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 1st February, 2006.


No report from this meeting. I could not make this one, however once I got the nippers into bed I had the radio on for the second half. They went over to Highbury for a progress report just as etherington banged in our third. I bet it was 'party time' in Brannighans! What a SWEET way to say good-bye to Highbury! Also, the FREE TRIP DRAW was held, and congratulations to Brian and Gerry!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 23rd January, 2006.


What a game... what an evening! A full house with so many good one-liners flying about the laughter was unrelenting... a cracking atmosphere!

Things began to warm up nicely as the game kicked off, and it was fulham who made the early chances, then low and behold Anton Ferdinand scored with a sweet, sweet volley to send the meeting into raptures! With the Hammers in control spirits were high and it was'nt long before we were all off our seats again as Yossi Benayoun mugged a defender before beating the fulham keeper with a chip. Another quality goal! The half-time sandwiches disappeared in record time, Richie 'Rich' won the 'spot the ball' twice and then we were into the second half.

In classic west ham fashion, we then proceeded to press the self destruct button. A defensive mistake and they pulled a goal back. Another great goal after a fierce shot rebounded off the post and into the net. Then PaulK was lucky not to give away a penalty! Phew. Thankfully we shaped up after that little 'heart stopper', and should have increased our lead on a couple of occasions. For the final 10 minuites we had to endure the usual goal mouth scrambles... on came Dailly... the camera zoomed into Christian waiting to come on as the whole meeting burst into howls of NOOOOOOOOOO! We had a bit of a sing song and after the final whistle went, members burst into a fine rendition of 'bubbles'

It was a great night, the game provided non-stop action, 3 good goals with both teams playing some good football. But the real highlight was the 'craic', I for one have'nt laughed some much in ages. Come on you Irons!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 2nd January, 2006.


No surprises with this one, as we joined the growing legion of teams to be beaten by Chelsea.

A well attended meeting saw West Ham huff and puff, but never really make any inroads into the Chelsea defence. Apart from Harewood's goal, and a great move towards the end which saw Benayoun shoot over the bar, it was one-way traffic! In fact the reality was that Chelsea could have won by a far greater margin. Carroll made a couple of world class saves, but the gulf in class was embarassing at times. As usual there were a few good one liners, and everyone seemed relaxed (or should that be marinated?) after the Christmas break!

So, four games over christmas, injuries to key players, one draw and four defeats. Come on you Irons!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 5th December, 2005.


A cold night meant that only the hard-core club members showed up for this one! Those members were rewarded with a Hammers win, including a sweet goal from Zamora! Things began badly as Hesky scored with our defence in nowhere land! They could have added a couple more before we finally started to look like we could mount an attack. With things slowly improving, Birmingham started to look dodgy. Then came Zamora's goal, beating two defenders, before sliding the ball between the keepers legs and into the goal... Cue mayhem 1! Then low and behold we kept at them and before too long Harewood hammered in our second after a couple of deflections in the penalty area... Cue mayhem 2!

Half-time came and went (sandwiches were welcome!) and the match became one-way traffic as Birmingham tried to get an equaliser... With Pardew making his usual defensive substitutions we were pinned back... it's a good job they're sh*t, they had more than enough chances to score! They did'nt and we went hame happy!

Best moment of the meeting came with only minutes of the match remaining, the camera zoomed into Steve Bruce unhappy looking face... members burst into a heart-warming rendition of the 'Muppet Show' theme... quality!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 27th November, 2005.


No report from this meeting.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 7th November, 2005.


No report from this meeting.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 11th March, 2006


With most members opting to stay at home, the brave few who turned out were rewarded with an absolute pile of crap! To begin with Pardew's team selection was somewhat baffling? (why did he not play our best 11?, ha, a ploy to confuse Bolton ahead of wednesday? what bollox, and what if we lose in the cup?... utter crap). The first half just went from bad to worse, and at the break we were 3-0 down. Thankfully the second half proved to be better (it would'nt have been hard!) and we did have a sheringham goal to cheer, but by then it was much to late for any serious celebration!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 29th October, 2005.


Around twenty hard-core members showed for this rather inciped affair. Liverpool were their normal dull selves, and we seemed to lack any kind of desire to have a go at them? As the paper said we didn't even create one chance? What sickened members most was the fact that Liverpool are a shadow of the teams of old and we felt thay were there for the taking! Not to be! Highlight of the afternoon was having a bowl of sauages, nuggets and chips, plus sandwiches to myself! We need to pick things up with the games against Spurs and the Mancs just around the corner!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 16th October, 2005.


A well attended meeting (with loads of junior members present) saw the Hammers face a stiff test away at Man. City.

Not too much to say on this one... Repka had a bit of a nightmare until he was subbed at half-time and Etherington is now starting to look extremely lightweight in this league. At half-time we were 1 nil down and but for two goal line clearances it could have been curtains! It all proved too much for young Mr Carpenter, who had to be taken home shortly after City scored!

The second period was an improvement... but only just, but once City built up some pressure, the second goal soon arrived! Sheringham was replaced by Zamora, who brightened our attacking options and on the 90th minute Benayoun's lovely through ball found Zamora who rounded James for our consolation goal! City deserved the win. No compliants!

Nice to see everyone, thanks to the committee for the half-time food and 'Good Luck' to all of those members heading over for the Middlesbrough game!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 1st October, 2005.


Another lively, packed meeting assembled for next installment from the high-flying Hammers!

The game started well enough as Marlon had a curling shot saved by the Sunderland keeper... from then on things went steadily downhill as Sunderland pressed and harried us into playing the type of game we were used to witnessing last season! And as the game approached half time Miller scored for Sunderland after a goal mouth scramble. They deserved it! Half time gave a chance for a chat, catch up on the stories from the lads who went over for the Arsenal game. Thanks to the committee for grub... chicken wings as well as the usual sandwiches, nugguts and chips... always goes down well after a few pints!

The second half carried on in much the same way with Sunderland looking the more likely to increase their lead. Etherington was missing, don't think he put in one cross all match? Sheringham had a half chance when he controlled a great pass from Repka, only to see his chip go wide, but that was it, totally on the back foot. Things started to improve as Pardew made three changes, on came Zamora, Newton and Dailly, and off went Sheringham (was not much impressed at being subbed), Etherington (was he playing?) and Repka.

And then, against the run of play Yossi Benayoun picked up a loose ball in midfield and the entire meeting rouse in anticipation as he ran on and curled his shot into the far corner... Cue total mayhem. With 10 minutes to go Sunderland seemed to lose their confidence and with a bit more guile we might have snatched a winner!

A good meeting with everybody in good form, the usual wise cracks and plenty of laughs. See you in two weeks time!

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 12th September, 2005


What a meeting, what a game and a near full house. A lot of new faces and even a few Villa fans. The attendance for a Monday night game was exceptional. We even had Drogheda Hammers, Carlow Hammers and Latvian Hammers. Well the night kicked off with a well observed mins silence for Noel Cantwell a Hammer and an Irishman.

The atmosphere from the outset after that set the tone for the night. Marlon who had missed a hatful against Bolton decided to take his chances and he did with pleasure. Shouts of Marlon for England were heard. After the 4th goal went in a rousing version of Can We Play You Every Week was aimed at the small Villa contingent in the corner. Overall a great night had by all, once again the food was superb and Liam Mc Donagh hosted proceedings as ever, well done Liam.

Roll on Fulham, with performances like this we can be assured of premiership status for a long time. Even Europe was mentioned by some. Well no matter what we can savour the night that we witnessed Marlons Hatrick. Come on you irons...

Many thanks to Brian for sending this report in.

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 15th August, 2005.


And we're off!... A well attended evening found members relaxed and in a bouyant mood after our bright start against blackburn last saturday. After plenty of chat the meeting started and the new upton park 'swipe card' entry system was digested, along with the odd pint or two?

Annual memberships, deposits for the trip and free trip draw monies were taken and we all headed off into the night with our wallets somewhat lighter?



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