Dublin Hammers - Club Meetings 2003 - 2004

Dublin Hammers Meeting 31st May, 2004.


No report from this meeting!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 29th May, 2004.

CRYSTAL PALACE 1 vs WEST HAM 0. Play-Off Final, Cardiff Millenium Stadium.

Well with most of the 'hard core' dublin hammers away in cardiff I wasn't sure how many of us would be left holding the fort... I need not have worried... cockneys, cockneys everywhere, never seen most of 'em before, but they were very welcome and helped create a fitting atmosphere!

And so with 3 minutes to go before kick-off, there we all sat, packed like sardines... "turn up the telly", who knows how to turn the telly up? Up steps yer man, don't know his name, short geezer with glasses, works in the pub... gives us plenty of stick if I remember rightly... so up he steps and proceeds to ban-jacks the telly completely? We fell silent, a look of disbelief on faces all around... cue a classic moment, a young lad from the back pipes up... "If you don't sort that telly out in the next 10 seconds I'm gonna slap yer"... well we all creaked up and proceed to move en-mass downstairs to the main bar! As for yer man, he went extremely red, and thankfully we didn't see much of him for the remainder of the day!

The game itself was a disappointment. We were poor, resorting to the long ball time and again and when we had a valid appeal for a penalty turned down, I knew it wasn't to be our day! At the final whistle there were a few outbursts of anger, but I think a realistic view was that it was a fitting end to a shite season, every time we needed to pull out/mix it against rival teams, we bottled and so the final game of the season. A somewhat disappointing end, and NO sambos and chips!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 18th May, 2004.

WEST HAM 2 vs IPSWICH TOWN 0. Play-Off Semi 2nd Leg.

No report from this meeting!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 15th May, 2004.

IPSWICH TOWN 1 vs WEST HAM 0. Play-Off Semi 1st Leg

No Report from this meeting!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 10th April, 2004.

DERBY COUNTY 0 vs WEST HAM 0. Nationwide League.

No Report from this meeting! Sounded like a dire game.

Dublin Hammers Meeting 3rd April, 2004.

READING 2 vs WEST HAM 0. Nationwide League.

A well attended meeting including a few new faces, plus a few who have'nt been around for a while saw a totally pathetic performance from the Hammers. We've seen some bad ones but this must be in the top five. "The worst I've seen in the six years as a member of this club" was one comment. Gutless and guileless, punctuated by some odd substitutions made this one to forget. However the defence that took us down is still in place, and will keep us down, every position has been looked at except central defence, where we need it most?. The play-offs maybe, but don't expect us to get to the final, we have'nt got the heart! Let's hope for something better next saturday!

On a brighter note the sandwiches plus nuggets and chips were a welcome diversion, well done to the committee, and the photo session after the final whistle was a good laugh!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 15th March, 2004.


The results of the Quiz are as follows... The winners were Brian OF, Gary P and Gerry M, and the Simpsons... Dave R and Robbie C!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 23rd February, 2004.


This year the club had 3 Free Trips to Upton Park for the last home game of the season! The lucky winners are... Liam MacD, Dessie Doyle and Gerry OK. Congratulations to them, and well done to John for keeping it all together. So onto the results of the Quiz! The winners were Gerry OK and John OL, and the Simpsons... Liam MacD and Robbie C!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 9th February, 2004.


A good turn out ensured another lively Quiz Night. Question Master Anto was on form with a tricky selection of Sports questions, and the usual banter ensued. Tonights winners were Team 2 (Liam, Dessie, Pat) who each received euro10 for their troubles, Well Done Lads... and The Simpsons? Well for the first time ever we had a tie between Team 3 (Josh, Brian, Mark), and Team 4 (Paul, Charlie, Daryl). A tie-breaker followed. After the third question (we did'nt come last for nothing) a dispute broke out over the answer... so it's probably fair to say that Team 3 & 4 shared the dubious distinction of being The Simpsons!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 17th January, 2004.

SHEFFIELD UNITED 3 vs WEST HAM 3. Nationwide League.

A packed meeting saw an entertaining match which ended in disappointment for club members.

Things started poorly as within five minutes we were one nil down due to some pathetic defending... oh here we go we sighed... but then low and behold West Ham proceeded to play well, score three cracking goals and go into the break 3-1 to the good! Pardew has at last begun to sort the defence out, bringing in Harley and Melville from Fulham on loan. Jn Harley scored the pick of our goals with a shot from outside the area onto the top corner of the net, talk about being a surprise, their were a few seconds of stunned silence before total mayhem broke out!!!!

So all was well at half time as we tucked into the sandwiches, chips & nuggets. Thanks as always to Brannighans and the Commitee. In fact there was such a buzz of conversation that order had to be called as the second half got under way.

Cue classic West Ham... did they hold on to a two goal lead?... Nooooo! Did they put either of the good chances they made away?... Nooooo! Did they let Sheff. Utd. equalise in the fourth minute of injury time, even after goalkeeper Bywater had saved a penalty?... Yeeesssss! The tension of the last ten minutes took it's toll and members were not happy! Seeing one of our younger female members get up and kick her stool over just about summed it all up! So members went home disgruntled, but for the neutral, t'was a cracking game!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 28th December, 2003.

NOTTINGHAM FOREST 0 vs WEST HAM 2. Nationwide League.

A good turn out for this meeting, and members were rewarded with a good away performance from the Hammers. The game was just 7 minutes old when former Forest player, Marlon Harewood (who was booed continually by the Forest faithful) poked in a cross to put us in the lead. After the goal Forest pressed and we countered which made for a good game... for a change, in this poxy league! Second half wasn't so good, memorable moments were Connolly's run and shot, just tipped over by the Forest keeper, and of course Defoe's injury time goal! He cut inside and unleashed a curling shot into the corner to send members home happy!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 29th November, 2003.


No report!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 25th October, 2003.

CARDIFF CITY 0 vs WEST HAM 0. Nationwide League.

No report from this meeting!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 4th October, 2003.

DERBY COUNTY 0 vs WEST HAM 1. Nationwide League.

Standing room only for this one! A couple of new members, plus a group over for the weekend, who somehow managed to walk into Brannighans by chance?. Packed it was! The game itself was awful with both sides struggling to put any decent moves together. It all started brightly enough, the first 10 minutes we had them under the kosh culminating in Connolly's shot being saved well by the derby keeper. After that things went downhill and apart from a great save by James we were all pretty glad when half-time came.

As the match kicked-off again, most of us were still munching chips, the sandwiches long gone, in fact we started on those before the first half had ended, that gives some indication of the quality of football on show? The second half was marginly better, Connolly had another good chance saved. Then 15 minutes from time Don Hutchinson came on and we started to press, and in. We had to suffer the usual last minute goal mouth scramble, but James saved and the 3pts were ours! Hutchinson looked well pleased with himself after the final whistle, shaking his fist to the camera and smiling broadly. Ha, just like us!

Many thanks to Brannighans and the Committee for the welcome food and to committee members who took the trouble to see that all had a seat and a view of the game! To those going on the Burnley trip... have a good time!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 23rd September, 2003.

CARDIFF CITY 2 vs WEST HAM 3. Carling Cup 3rd Round.

A good lively meeting, with a happy ending! As the match kicked off, the attendance was somewhat sparse, much like the West Ham midfield and defence! But as Cardiff scored their first, the doors opened and more members arrived! When Cardiff scored again, the same thing happened, and by the time the first half was half gone, the place was full!

In truth the first half was dire, the only thing relieving the monotony were the constant cracks... "Let's turn this off and have quiz" was a memorable one! Then with mnutes to go Connolly went over in the box, and the ref awarded a penalty, much to the consternation of the Cradiff players and crowd, Tee Hee! Defoe made no mistake, and at the break it was 2-1 to Cradiff. Many thanks to the committee and brannighans for the half time sandwiches.

Things improved in the second half as we started to put some moves together, a few good chances went begging as defoe in particular seemed intent on doing everything himself? "Defoe, will you pass the ball" we screamed. Then when defoe was clean through, to our total astonishment... he tried to pass it to Mellor? "Don't pass the ball" we screamed! Two minutes later, he didn't pass but instead turned and hit a shot to score from a slight deflection that wrong footed the Cardiff keeper! Some restrained cheers and clapping ensued... NOT!

So with 20 minutes or so to go it was all West Ham. Garcia came on and within minutes he had two great chances, both saved. The grim faces from half time were gone as the noise level was raised. What about the happy ending?... Well, 2 minutes from time, Defoe didn't pass, he cut inside to whallop a low shot into the bottom corner of the goal... Que Total Mayhem!!!! It was a very enjoyable evening with loads of laughs. Roll on Derby away...

Dublin Hammers Meeting 18th August, 2003.


The first Quiz Night of the new season got under way with a reasonable turn out of members. The wise cracks were soon flowing as Quiz master Anto produced his usual selection of general knowledge questions, thanks and well done to him. And so to the Result: The Winners were Table Six, Dessie, John O'L and Chairman Kenny... and THE SIMPSONS... Table Four, Brian O'F, Robbie and Steven! who had to endure not one, but two renditions of the Simpsons theme tune. Hard Luck lads! Best answer of the evening... Q.Name the last member to join The Beatles... A.Keith Woods... Classic!

Dublin Hammers Meeting 9th August, 2003.


No report from this meeting!

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