FA Cup Final - Liverpool - 13th May 2006

This selection of photos are from those Dublin Hammers who travelled to Cardiff!
West Ham 3 vs Liverpool 3 (aet). Liverpool win the penalty shoot-out.

fa-final-2006-1 fa-final-2006-2
fa-final-2006-3 fa-final-2006-4
fa-final-2006-5 fa-final-2006-6

"After the non-event of last year, the FA Cup was redeemed with its best final of modern times"

"Not since 1953, and the sepia tinted Matthews final, has there been an epic quite like it"

"The 125th Cup Final is destined to rank along side the greatest ever played"

"For West Ham, a stirring performance deserved more than a supporting role"

"I hope everyone associated with West Ham United are very proud"