Dublin Hammers Trip - Everton - Saturday 8th November 2008

West Ham 1 vs Everton 3.

A good trip, a crap result! A ‘credit crunch’ hit band of Dublin Hammers gathered in the bar at Dublin Airport early on Saturday morning. The bar was full of fellow football fans, mainly Celtic, Forest(?) and us. There were loads of Arsenal about too... but none in the bar?

After an uneventful flight we arrived at Standsted, and were then transfered to the Travel Lodge at Barking. The weather was grim, overcast and wet! We booked in with the minimum of fuss and after a brief walk through Barking Market were soon tucked up in the pub for a huge farmhouse breakfast and pints.

After raiding the club shop we all met up in the Queens for pre-match drinks before making our way down to the ground in the lashing rain. A few more pints later we took our seats and the match was soon underway.

everton08_1 everton08_2

I’ll keep it brief, we played well, made a couple of good chances and hit the bar in the first half. In the second we carried on where we left off, Collison came on for Upson, and after a sweet move he scored a lovely goal to open his account for the Hammers. It was pretty much from that point that it all went wrong! We sat back, then a lapse in concentration from Ilunga allowed Everton to cross, and Odd-ball headed the ball into the net unchallenged. Saha then scored twice in quick succession. Stunned we were. Sick we were. After playing so well for most of the match...

Pretty much everyone headed straight back to the hotel after the game and amidst much shaking of heads a fair few pints were sunk.

About half of the lads headed of to a local pub while the rest of us stayed behind in the warm and watched the box. At one stage I looked around to see a line of Dublin Hammers all watching the X-Factor!

everton08_3 everton08_5 everton08_5

After breakfast on the sunday morning members headed off to enjoy the ‘sights’ of London before meeting up again at ‘The George’ (yes, we had all the jokes!) in Liverpool Street for the pick up back to the airport.

Some members were so worse for wear that I worried that they wouldn’t be allowed onto the flight, however no worrries on that score we all got home safely!

Another well organised trip, thanks to the committee for all their hard work... just a shame about the **** result!