Dublin Hammers Trip - Blackpool - Saturday 20th November 2010

West Ham 0 vs Blackpool 0

We were expecting “The Love Trip, Part Deux” but instead we discovered that relations were frosty between our Committee and Sub-Committee. Talk of splits ran through the air as the Dublin Hammers were pitted against the Dublin Irons! Billy was confused as he thought he was always in the Dublin Irons! The President allowed himself the pleasure of a few pints in November when he passed through Security and into International territory and we all joined him in the celebrations.

blackpool trip 2010 blackpool trip 2010

Onto the plane and the jokes start rolling. Liamo was his usual jolly self and his speech on the bus to the hotel was parodied at every available opportunity over the weekend. The President gave a dignified speech and promised us that details for our 20th anniversary would be forthcoming shortly – he did advise all to buy a tie in the Club shop but at £25 a pop, I’ll draw a few hammers on a Dunnes special!!

The less said about the game the better, but the seats in the Bobby Moore Upper were top notch. Eddie vented his frustration at poor Boa Morte at various stages throughout the game while the rest of us wondered how you can get paid for being so poor. Big Carlton came on and headed the ball in all directions – unfortunately not to any of our players, and only for Parker and Noble, it would have been a disaster of a day.

blackpool trip 2010 blackpool trip 2010 blackpool trip 2010

Anyway, it was back to the Wakefield afterwards, and Billy’s rendition of “the Auld Triangle” went down a storm. Timmy’s beautiful song for Fat Frank showed that he’s still hurting over Fat Frank’s remarks all these years later.

The night was spent in O’Grady's bar (they must love to see us coming) and the President and Dessie (a future presidential candidate?) got up and sang despite the fact that it wasn’t a karaoke band. Pints were consumed, the dancing was great fun and the night went quickly.

blackpool trip 2010 blackpool trip 2010

Sunday being a day of rest, we all did exactly that! After checking out of the hotel we all headed into town for refreshments and to catch the games on the TV. The jokes on the tube were hilarious and there wasn’t a dry eye among us when we disembarked. Fran managed to sell his first policy to a DH member and celebrated accordingly and as the day wore on relations between the Committee and Sub Committee improved to such an extent that there was even a photo opportunity! To top it all off we all signed the shirt for Danny Holland who departs for Australia in the next few weeks – he’ll be missed especially the Aussie accent!

blackpool trip 2010  alt="blackpool trip 2010 blackpool trip 2010

It was then back on the bus and onto Stanstead where we hoped that Robert wasn’t flying the plane. Overall a brill trip except for the footie but you can’t have everything in life. There was talk as to what a night in O’Grady’s would be like if we actually won the game!

Anyway, get saving as the end of season trip promises to be something special.

blackpool trip 2010 blackpool trip 2010 blackpool trip 2010

Many thanks to Gerry Murtagh for the report and photos! Thanks to Brian Madden for additional photos.

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