Dublin Hammers Trip - Arsenal - Sunday 5th November 2006

West Ham 1 vs Arsenal 0.

Well, another tip top trip! 33 dublin hammers arrived in dublin airport on saturday lunchtime, and after checking in headed straight for the bar... We boarded, took off, and as the seat-belt signs went off the usual scramble of club members for the toilet began! Once at Stanstead, we had a short delay due to a fire-alarm but we were soon aboard the 2 mini-buses that awaited us and in no time at all we were in the Barking Travel Lodge (while we were checking in a couple of the lads headed outside for a smoke, much to the amusement of club members smoking inside), then we headed for the 'Spotted Dog' via Barking Market.

Some of the lads found a stall selling official West Ham gear at half the price of the club shop, the word soon spread, plenty of money changed hands and I'd say the bloke on the stall went home well happy! And so did we for that matter!

We spent the late afternoon, early evening in the Spotted Dog, before drifting back to the hotel bar. At around 9.30pm taxi's were called and the majority of club members headed off to O'Grady's, an irish bar... with live musical entertainment and the drink flowing, a good time was had by all!

arse06_1 arse06_2

Sunday morning saw members moving slowly in the restaurant. Large breakfasts were consumed by those that had the stomach for it and then more taxis were ordered and off we went to Upton Park!

It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining down. Some members headed for the club shop, while others went straight to the Wakefield. The crowds began to arrive and the tanoy announced that todays game would be against Blackburn Rovers?... "that says it all" said a passerby!

With the tickets given out we went into the ground, our seats were up at the back of the Bobby Moore Stand, however we had a great view. The teams were annouced and 'Bubbles time' began!

arse06_3 arse06_4 arse06_5

The match was a good one, although we all thought Arse were not their normal selves (thankfully), they played some good football, but the end product was patchy. They had a couple of good chances in the first half, but then so did we, particulary Zamora who had us all on our feet as he slid in only to miss putting the ball into the net by inches! The second half continued in much the same vain, until Pardew made a couple of substitutions and we started to push on. Then with minutes to go, Etherington (who was muck most of the game) actually won a tackle, put in a great cross for Harewood to power the ball past Lehmann and into the back of the net... cue total mayhem! The last few minutes were a complete party as Upton Park bounced up and down! The final whistle went and the smiles on members faces were broad!

Back at the Wakefield the mini buses were awaiting us and there was only time for a swifty before braveing the after match traffic and on to Stanstead for the flight home.

arse06_6 arse06_7 arse06_8

Now the flight home... there we were relaxing after a full-on weekend, some members were snoozing, others were up and down to the toilet, anyway, after one particular club member had gone down the aisle, rather slowly (didn't think anything of it at the time?) the most obnoxious smell began invade everyones nostrils, women were choking, children were crying, sleeping passengers were awoken... then as we looked down the aisle the perp, now back in his seat, poked his head around the corner with a huge smile on his face and gave us the 'Pardew to Wenger - fist of triumph'... that boy needs a trip to the doctors!

Another great trip, with plenty of laughs and a great result! Many thanks to Brian for all his hard work in orgainising the trip for 33 club members. Can't wait for the next one!