Dublin Hammers Activities - Season 2017 - 2018

Dublin Hammers Meeting - 26th August 2017


After an all too brief glimmer of hope with our midweek cup win, today a good crowd of Dublin Hammers watched in disbelief as our beloved hammers served up a performance of insipid, spiritless guff. And for the first time members started to question Bilic's ability as manager!

With both teams having lost the opening 2 games it was a bottom of the table clash, a match I had hoped we would be up for, especially after our spirited comeback (almost) against Southampton with 10 men and Lanzini and Kouyate back from injury.

I had intended to write a more detailed report on the game, but you know what, I can't really be bothered, it was such a shit fest, all inspiration has deserted me. The general jist went like this, we had loads of possession and passed it around midfield and the the back four, then back to Hart who kicked it long. We did this repeatedly until young Rice was robbed and they ran through to score the opener. Rice was replaced at half time, which didn't go down well with members (let's hope his confidence isn't too badly bruised).

So surely we had no option but to attack, now that Bilic's plan to bore everyone into submission had backfired... well... we had loads of pssession and passed it around midfield and the back four, then back to Hart who kicked it long... sound familiar? Hernadez must be wondering what the fuck he has done by coming to West Ham! He showed against Southampton that he is a supreme poacher, the team should be shooting at every opportunity, he will then feed off the scraps, played on his own up front he had one half chance all game... I guess its hard to score a goal when your midfield refuse to play a forward pass! His frustration evident when he was booked.

With 15 minutes remaining Kouyate, Sakho and Lanzini came on offering little, but to be honest it was all too late by then as Newcastle, now 'cock-a-hoop' at our pathetic resistance, wrapped the game up with 2 more late goals. Fair play to them, they wanted it more than us.

After the game a good crowd stayed on downstairs with everyone in surprisingly good form considering... lack of spirit has never a problem at the Dublin Hammers!

Report by Paul Smith

First Meeting of the New Season - 13th August 2017


Well, here we go again, another season in the roller coaster world of a Dublin Hammer.

When I saw the first fixture was Man Ure away I thought... that’s not bad. Generally the “big teams” can start the season badly which normally allows the likes of us to grace the Champions League spots for a few weeks. But when I saw the list of absentees I thought... oh dear! As it turns out I was right... it was an oh dear game.

There was a great gang in to see the game including a few young hammers (their parents have a lot to answer for!) and some visitors who helped reduce the average age. The drinks were flying thanks to Denise – Tommy is still trying to figure out how those “few” pints he had cost him so much.

The lads were disappointed when they learned that Bilic had pulled out of the deal to sign the President when he heard that he had got his second knee replaced. In typical bitter fashion the President reminded us that he had not complained at all about his operation but meanwhile Mr Bilic hadn’t shut up regarding his hip op!

We started the game well and were evenly matched for about 20 minutes but the Mancs gradually took control and as ever Lukaku was a menace. Just on the half hour a poor pass by us in midfield was cut out and they did what they do best... counterattack! There he was to score his first goal for his new club and his usual goal against us, Lukaku must love playing us!

We got to half time just the goal behind, the sambos arrived, the secretary gave his usual speech, the spot the balls were sold, the free trip money and memberships were paid and we all were in good spirits despite the scoreline.

The second half starts and we have to remind Gary that there’s a game on! A corner to the Mancs and yet again Lukaku says thank you with a header – 2-0 down. From this moment on we really looked second best. Despite the changes we never really caused them any trouble and any time they came forward we looked shaky. Two late goals put the icing on the cake for Jose and made us realise the gulf in class between ourselves and the “big teams”.

The positives were Zabaleta at right full who was superb, Hernandez or Chicharito or whatever his name is did look good and Rice coming on and getting 30 minutes where he didn’t do anything wrong. A disappointing result but we’ve all been here before and I have no doubt that we’ll have another few of these results as the season goes on. All we need to do is get the 40 points by beating the non “big teams”!

Report by Gerry Murtagh

A Slight Change...

Previously on this site we have had a report from all of our meetings for West Ham's televised games, however since the installation of the Satellite TV system in the Brannigans we are meeting every week, so writing a report every week doesn't make sense anymore. So from this season onwards we will be combining "Meetings" and the "View from the BML" pages.


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